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Quick Business Tips June 2006 Vol 2 No# 12

Helping you get more done in less time and improve your business success

1. (New) easy way of removing database duplicates - Get more done in less time

2. Your money or your laptop? (3 easy ways to back up) - Business success

3. Have you tried this? - bacon and eggs on your grill bonus at home feature

1. (New) easy way of removing database duplicates

Want a superb instant fix for getting rid of duplicates using Excel?

It's the Exact Function. In the Function (FX) menu. Here it is step by step.

  • Sort your data in alphabetical order (name, email address).
  • Insert a new blank column.
  • Insert menu >Function (or click the little fx button)
  • in the menu type Exact. It will open the Function Exact window.
  • Click Text1.
  • Put your cursor in the first blank cell in the new column.
  • Click on the first piece of data you want to check over (such as A2)
  • Click Text2.
  • Put your cursor in the next row down of the column you're de-duping (A3)
  • Select Ok. Then drag down the function or double click the right hand corner when the plus sign appears. Not done yet.
  • Copy the whole column that is showing true/false. You'll notice they're all still formulas.
  • Select Paste Special from the edit menu (or right click). Select Values. There you go
  • Sort the new column and all the trues are - yup, the duplicates.

2. Your money or your laptop?

Which would you rather lose?
If you were walking through a parking lot and someone ran up to rob you, which would hurt more: Losing your laptop or your wallet/handbag?

Well it happened to me at the Auckland airport the other week. I considered it a stroke of great luck that I had just taken my laptop out of my handbag and that didn't go too.

When was the last time you backed up your computer information
You never know when a laptop can be dropped or stolen. A computer fried with a cup of coffee down it - a child accidentally wiping out all your family photos of the past three years.

Backing up is easier than ever before. Here are a few ideas

1. Buy a writable DVD player. External ones that plug in through a USB port are easy - and not more than $100 or so. Then every week or two, back up your files, or even the most recent files to a DVD. Remember to store it somewhere else!

2. Buy an external flash memory
the whole kit n caboodle will only cost around $300. The external drive is about the size of a PDA - smaller than a book. Write your backup files to that.

3. If you have Windows 2000 and above, a backup is built in!
Start menu> Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools > Backup. Then the Backup wizard will walk you through it.
Again - don't just back up into the computer, back up to a CD, DVD, Memory stick - anything and keep it somewhere else.

3. Have you tried this?

Life is not all business and this is a tip I must share. Do you have one of those new bench-top grills? The ones for lean cooking/sandwich pressing?

Well if you like bacon, you can't find a quicker, easier or tastier way of cooking it than on the grill. Also they're great for eggs!!! I would never have thought so (Shirley Nikoloff, wife of Simon of Kiwi Host told me this trick. Her teenage boys swear by it).
You crack an egg on the grill and lower the top to hover over the egg cooking the top.


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