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1.Easy Customer Appreciation Tip

2. A Must -Inexpensive Branded Stamps And Envelopes

3. Most Popular Tip Since 1999 - Kids Job Chart

1. Easy Customer Appreciation Tip

Wonderful new spin on an old marketing exercize. I can't claim it - it was given to me by a very clever Insurance broker at the Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers Conference last month.

When you see articles, interviews or items of note in the press about your clients, cut them out. Laminate them. Then send it to your client. They'll love it (and it's something they won't do themselves.) And thanks to Chris Rowley, the reminder that you can always call the periodical and get the PDF for them too.

2. Inexpensive branded stamps and envelopes
Another all time favourite tip has been NZ Mail. If you have large volumes of mail you can't beat having your own personally branded stamps. Or simple scenic NZ ones - at wonderful prices.

You'll marvel at how they can sell printed, addressed (logoed) stamped envelopes at 50 cents an envelope - including postage! They also do international airmail postage paid addressed envelopes. My contact is David Alport the general manager

3. Most Popular =Tip Kids Job Chart
Would you believe the most popular article since this newsletters inception in 1999 was our Children's Job Chart?
It rotates household chores between them and has worked wonderfully for us for 6 years.

You won't have six children like we do so please adapt. You can also use it to assign small tasks around the office - it's really a great template to work from.

My favourite part? The " Falling down in a heap and believing the World is against you ." Do you get that too?

Kids Job Chart - one (more detail)

Kids Job Chart - two A newer, less detailed version covers 24 weeks.

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