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Quick Business Tips 10 September 2006 Vol 2 No#

Helping you boost your personal productivity and business success

1. Your Customer's Top Four Article Interests - business success

2. 101 Quick Tips - Email and Google - productivity

3. 2 Word Document Shortcuts - productivity


Do you do sales letters, emails, mail drops, newsletters? Want better results? Let me sum up a fabulous case study (from Marketing Sherpa) I’ve just read for you.

Hoping to improve the lackluster web click troughs
For weekly promotional emails, the marketing team thought they’d do something different. They struck gold by accident one week when for April Fools Day they titled an article: Top 10 April Fools Office Pranks. Surprisingly the click throughs not only jumped, but many were from people who hadn’t clicked for over one year!

While this article was about going from email to websites, you certainly will get similar results for all your communications.

Top 4 Types Of Communication That Appeal To Customers

1. Humour (10 excuses for being late)
2. Headlines with numbers (4 top tips, 10 ways to)
3. Controversial topics
4. Business advice.

So make this idea your own. In your letters. Your newsletter articles. Your Flyers. Get attention by using this advice. Additionally you can see the tone of the articles weren’t ‘me, me, me’. Rather it was what’s in it for the reader.


Want an easy skim to pick up new productivity tips or solve your problems?
A fabulous business gift or conference bag stuffer to show your clients you love them? Why not give a gift they’ll appreciate and that will last longer than a pen or bottle of wine? Something to make them more successful and save them a lot of time.

~~Small size (touch bigger than a CD case)
~~Inexpensive ($15.95)
~~Sure to give an epiphany or two to friends, family, clients, staff.


EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY ~~ Large discount or your own branded cover

1. Email Debbie for bulk discounts

2. For orders of 1,000 you’ll have a 50% discount AND Penguin Books will print your own uniquely branded cover without cost (that’s front, back and inside).

3. Similar in pricing for you to print a brochure, why not give staff, clients, members, delegates a published (branded) book by a well known author?

4. You’ll get your copies (January) before the book stores (February).


watch it in video (only 224k)

1. If you double click the ruler in a word document it will open the Tab and / or Page Setup menus.

2. If you right click anywhere in the blue part of the tool bar it will show you what other tools are available but not showing.
Thanks to that clever man Warwick Grey from Hewlett Packard for this great tip.


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