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{FIRST} Your Quick Tip Newsletter
27 March 2014 Vol 13 No# 92


1. Contest. Win 1 of 20 copies of 101 Quick Tips Effective Communication
2. Speaking to your phone yet?

3. iPhone Calendar Tip
4. Here's a Samsung Galaxy Tip (you probably don't know)

5. End your fact finding with this

Here you are if you missed the last issue

1. Contest. Win 101 Quick Tips Effective Communication

Help me please and be in to win one of 20 ebook copies of Effective Communication. I just need an Interested - yes or no?

Problem: Email is a huge pain; and there are also clever gains by using your contacts and tasks well. The problem is having the knowledge or time to search for the solutions you know must be there.

Question: I'm trying to decide if I should design a 12 week online bootcamp program. A series of lessons that would take up only 5 minutes of your time each; consisting of a common problem and the software solution shown in a how-to video with ideas and instructions.

Please help me {FIRST}. Is this something you'd be interested in? If you can just click below to send me an email with yes or no and add at what price point per person you'd feel comfy with?. This is not a commitment, it's just for me to decide if I should put the program together. bootcamp@successis.co.nz

I'll pick 20 responses at random on 3 April. Thank you!!!!!

2. Speaking to your phone yet?
Back in November you would have read about turning on your smartphones voice recognition. This is something you will find invaluable for two reasons. First you can ask your software (see below) to do things like 'Wake me up at 6AM' and it will set the alarm for you. 'Tell John Smith I'm running 10 minutes late for our meeting' and it will create a sms message saying just that addressed to him.

The second, and even more useful element is that when speech recognition is turned on, you then can dictate instead of write when ever a keyboard opens. this is in email. In notes, sms's, apps, safari or google.... You'll love it (watch the video ) 24 seconds long.

Voice Recognition:

  • Must be one of the later model phones such as Iphone 4S or Samsung 3
  • You must be connected to the internet via wireless or your mobile broadband
  • iphone: settings>general>siri>on (pick either American, English or Australian)
  • Android Apps> S Voice or double click home key
  • Blackberry - hold the period key
  • Windows - double press home key

3. One more iPhone tip
I use Google calendar on my iPhone but if you are using the Apple one, here are four handy ways to view your calendar events you'll love these four tips.

4. Here's a Samsung Galaxy Tip (you probably don't know)
Hot off the presses from my beautiful sister Laura -did you know that swiping to the right on a contact name places a phone call and swiping to the left sends a text message.

5. End your fact finding with this
A very simple little tip given to me years ago by NZ Herald Business Editor Mark Fryer is when you are interviewing someone - think prospective client. When you're asking fact finding questions, end with 'have I missed anything'? At the worst they'll simply say no. They alternatively might give you information you hadn't thought of to ask.


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