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14 April 2015

Your Business Quick Tip Alert
Vol 14 No#104


1. Ensure Office Memos Get Proper Attention
2. SMall Business Use Xero
3. Change Subject Lines
4. De-dupe in Excel
5. Like Yoghurt? DIY

6. Business Development Tips - Tasks
. Where's Debbie (so far) in 2015?


1. Ensure Office Memos Get Proper Attention
If there are a lot of cc's going on in your office email, here's a great idea. Preface interoffice cc memo subject lines with 3 different acronyms.  FYI – for your information. FYA – for your action. UA – Urgent attention.

Take it to a higher level and use Rules (Filters in Gmail). Staff can make three  (FYI FYA UA) folders and then have Rules automatically put the incoming emails in the correct (FYI, FYA, US) folder.

2. Small business?
If you aren't using Xero for your accounting now, why not check it out? You gain more than an accounting system. The integrated features help grow your business profits. For example:
Smart Lists and Groups (categorising your customers, conduct sales/communication campaigns)
Try it complimentary for one month

3. Change Subject Lines
If you want to keep an email in your Outlook for awhile, you can change the subject line if you like to find it more easily.

Simply open the email, type in the new subject line and save. That's it!

4. De-Dupe in Excel
If you have Excel 2007 or newer, you can remove duplicates so easily with the 'remove duplicates' function in the Data Ribbon >Data Tools > Remove Duplicates.

5. Like Yoghurt?
If you like yoghurt but not the cost, I’d like to share such an easy trick with you. If you have one of those insulated yoghurt makers, you don’t need to buy the packaged mixes.

Simply save 2-3 Tablespoons of live cultures from a batch. To make your new litre of yoghurt, mix ¾ cup of milk powder (skim or regular) with the culture. I add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mix with the water in the container and then put with the boiled water bath in the maker. 12 hours later you’ve got your lovely, inexpensive yoghurt. The more of the live culture you add – such as 3-4 tablespoons, the firmer your yoghurt will be.

6.  Business Development Tip
Make your To Do / Tasks function your best friend. Instead of flagging emails to follow up on later, and have them piling up in your inbox and subconsciously weighing on your mind, instead drag and drop the emails into Tasks (or copy and paste on your phone) and set a task for the appropriate date. Delete the email in your inbox and when the time comes, you’ll be notified to follow up. In the interim, you can simply forget about it with confidence.

4. Where's Debbie (so far) for Speaking / Training 2015
Where's Debbie (so far) for Speaking / Training 2015
Let me help you with anything from small group training (minimum 6) through to conferences.

  • Shift your technology but! Effective use of Cloud, Smartphones, software
  • Conquer your email overload
  • Effective communication
  • Earn more from your clients and prospects - social media and database marketing

Email me directly now or fill out the Speaking Quote before you lose your date.
Debbie Mayo-Smith brief outline

Date 2015 Event Location
4 September Bayleys Administrators Day Auckland
2-3 September Independent Tertiary Education NZ Rotorua
28 August Bayleys Real Estate Auckland
11 August PGG Wrightson Real Estate Wellington
29 July Kepa Business Leaders Auckland
15 July Defence Force Training Auckland
10 July Cranes NZ Tauranga
2 July NZ Audiological Society Auckland
25 June Rural Contractors Assn Marlborough
8-11 June American Incentive Business Travel Conference Chicago USA
21 May Women in Business Conference Chartered Accountants NZ Australia Wellington
19 May The Corporate PA Summit Auckland
14 May Women in Business Conference Chartered Accountants NZ Australia Auckland
5 May Connecting Up Webinar worldwide
4 May Defence Force Training Auckland
30 April - 1 March Xerocon Auckland
28 April RIAA Conference Hunter Valley NSW Australia
27 April Ben West inhouse training Sydney
27 April OVID in-house training Sydney
23-24 April LPMA Conference Gold Coast Australia
15 April Insurance Advisernet Conference Blenheim


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