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Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith. Vol 15 No#122 09 August 2016
1. What Can I Use My Smartphone Camera For?
2. Where's Debbie?

What can I use my smartphone camera for?
HUM! How about a little fun? Join in with your ideas and brainstorming around your office and home to add to these 30 productivity uses for your smartphone camera. I’d love to hear your additions so don’t forget to email your ideas to me at debbie@successis.co.nz

  1. Capture whiteboard and meeting notes. This will allow you to participate in the meeting instead of being distracted taking notes
  2. Likewise, when you are at a conference workshop or training session; take a photo of an important slide
  3. Where you parked
  4. Snap the Google or Apple Map while you’re in wifi; for when you’re not!
  5. Photo your coat check, your baggage receipts
  6. Keep a record of important warranties and passwords (such as wifi, computer and software certificate of ownership)
  7. Before and after photos. Hair. Renovations. Autobody. Colours…
  8. Forgotten your reading glasses when you're out to dinner? Take a photo of the menu and zoom in to make your choice. (no one even notices, it looks like you're checking messages)
  9. Problems you’re having with xxx – your car, the vacuum
  10. Can’t find your glasses? Use your phone’s camera to help you see more clearly to find them.
  11. Buying one screw? Take a pic of the bar code on the shelf to show the cashier
  12. Before sending someone out shopping; have them photo the specific one you want – salad dressing
  13. To remember details – specific items to buy, brand of cat food, your couch to match colours when out shopping….
  14. Video your home for content and dwelling insurance records
  15. Your belongings in your suitcase before going off on a trip
  16. When moving, take photos of the contents of boxes so you know what is in them
  17. Photo the inside of your refrigerator and pantry before you go shopping
  18. Likewise, if you hand write your shopping list, take a photo in case it gets lost.
  19. Scanning documents, paperwork. This can then be emailed to someone else for data entry
  20. Write a motivational note and snap it or take a motivational one for your lock screen.
  21. When you’re out shopping without the kids – send them the photo to see if they want it before you buy
  22. Use the Video – to record how –to’s
  23. Create a photobook of your work to give to prospects – for example hairstyles. Landscape designs. Automobile graphics.
  24. Snap expense receipts for input into your online accounting software (Xero, MYOB)
  25. When you're travelling, and staying in numerous hotels, take a photo of your door with the room number - but
  26. Take a photo of a recipe before going to the supermarket so you don’t miss any of the ingredients.
  27. Photograph a magazine article so you can finish reading it later.
  28. Photograph a tape measure showing the length/height/dimension of the item in interest so you don't need to write down the measurements.
  29. Travelling overseas and heading out for a big night on the town? Photograph your hotel and your hotel room door showing the room number! If you don't speak the language, taxi drivers can look at the photo and get you home to the right hotel.
  30. When you loan something to a friend, take a photo of them with the loan item - so you can remember who you loaned it to & when

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