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Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith. Vol 15 No#121 22 June 2016

1. A Must Know Shortcut
2. Solving Your Disappearing Zero Problem in Excel
3. Attention all Outlook/Excel users!
4. Facebook Live Video Streaming For Your Business
5. How to Easily View Your Website Traffic
6. Where's Debbie?

1. ALT +TAB (PC) / COMMAND + TAB (MAC) A Must Know Shortcut

If you have a habit of leaving a lot of programs open, a very lovely, quick way of switching between them is to hold down the ALT key (PC) Command (MAC)and press the Tab key (the two arrows in opposite directions on the left side of your keyboard).

2. Excel Quick Tip Boot Camp Example: Leading Zero

: How many times have you pulled your hair out when Excel wipes out the beginning zeros that you enter in cell phone numbers?

: Instead put an O; or put spaces in-between the numbers. Or here is the great solution. You can format the column to accept the leading zero.

Have a look! Video length 1 minute 39 seconds https://youtu.be/ebFxjwt-SgQ

3. Attention all Outlook/Excel users! Let me help you get so much more done in less time.

Did you like the Excel tip above? I can always come in for a small group workshop or instead why not register for my 16-week Quick Tip Boot Camps. The first tip in this newsletter is an example. You will get specific tips and tricks sent to you once a week with short, succinct 1-2 minute videos showing you how to be more efficient and work smarter with the programmes you already use. They’ll rock your world (and save you lots of time!)

  1. Outlook: Ease Your Pain. Enhance Your Gain
    Reduce your stress by automating many drag + drop and typing activities, improve your communication response and learn how to turn Outlook into a fabulous customer relationship management program (CRM).

  2. Excel: Work Smarter & Save Days Working with Lists and Databases 
    Excel is a simply fabulous program to work with, and not just for numbers. The 16 tips will show wonderful hidden shortcuts, features and how-to’s that are going to save not hours, but days. If you work with lists or databases, learn secrets for swiftly cleaning, massaging and correcting information to create your business goldmine.

Brochure http://www.successis.co.nz/IIY Boot Camps.pdf

Current Special: Half Price this month

Order Now! https://www.successis/iiy.htm

4. Facebook Live Video Streaming For Your Business

There was quite a media storm back in April following the Facebook F8 Developer Conference and the announcement of Facebook Live. While the potential of people sitting in their offices or homes virtually experiencing your business is years away; Facebook Live is on your phone right now. It allows you to stream video straight from your phone on the Facebook mobile app. Whilst I'm not going to write directions on how to record the videos (you can find quite a lot of coverage about that online) I’d like to instead give you a few ideas on how you can use it within your business. Show me how I can use Facebook Live

5. How to easily view your website traffic

Here is a Chrome extension for masochistic business owners or marketers. If you want to see your website traffic in real time when you look at your website you can - down to the exact spot where people clicked. First if you haven't already, link Google Analytics to your website. next go to the add in's page on Google and download the Page Analytics Chrome Extension. For more information and to set yours up head here.

6. Where's Debbie Get a speaking or training quote
Ask about small in-house customised training (minimum 6 people) training@successis.co.nz

2016 Confirmed Events Location
3-15 Dec Overseas New Caledonia, Fiji, Tonga
27 Novr PCO Conference Brisbane Australia
21 Nov How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Perth
20 Oct WorkSmart Office Professionals Conference Gold Coast
7 Oct Leading Property Managers NZ Conference New Zealand
17-28 Aug South Carolina USA South Carolina USA
4-5 Aug Internal Training New Plymouth District Council New Plymouth New Zealand
28/29 July IFA/PAA Annual Conference Auckland
26 July Speech Pathology Australia Training Melbourne
25 July How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Melbourne
18 July How You Get More Done In Less Time Masterclass Sydney
28/29 June Rural Contractors Association Conference Bay of Islands
23 June Retirement Villages Assoc Conference Auckland NZ
22 June Lautrec Engineering Training Auckland New Zealand

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