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25 August 2015

Your Business Quick Tip Alert
Vol 14 No#109


1. I Didn't Know My Phone Could Do That!!!
2. Secret To Making Easy YouTube Videos
3. Two Marketing Ideas To Steal
4. 12 Week Email Productivity At Your Desk
4. Shortcuts to zip around Microsoft Office

On a smartphone? New Mobile friendly website www.debbiespeaks.com

I didn't know my smartphone could do that!
The problem is. Everything is hidden. Nothing is documented!!!

Here are several links to videos 'showing' you things you didn't know your smartphone Samsung Galaxy 5 or iPhone 6 could do. If you have a different phone, why not go to Mr G (Google of course) and ask the question for your model.

iOS 8.4 tips and tricks: See what your iPhone and iPad can do now

iPhone 6

50+ Tips & Tricks for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus! - YouTube

13 Hidden iPhone 6 Tricks - YouTube

33 tips to help boost iPhone battery life - Macworld UK

Galaxy 5 & 6

50+ Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ...

50+ Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5!

Secret to making YouTube Business Videos

If you would like to showcase something such as work you've done or properties, it is very easy to create a video (which can be hosted on YouTube) if you have photographs. If you look closely at a lot of YouTube videos, it simply is still photos that are animated with screen transitions and animations including panning in or out and across the screen. You can add music, videos .

Of course there is software you can purchase. However you might not know if you have a Mac you have iMovie, and Microsoft Windows comes with a program called Movie Maker. In Windows XP, to open Movie Maker, click Start>All Programs> Windows Live Movie Maker. Search for it if you have Windows 8 or 10

Two Marketing Ideas to Steal

You’ve read about the disrupting forces of technology. How have you adapted? How has it effected your business? I caught up with Julie Russell, Secretary of the NZ Bookkeepers Association and of course Julie runs her own bookkeeping business www.julierussellbookkeeping.co.nz.
Julie’s industry, as well as accounting is straight in the face of disruption. Why? Xero!

What was a bread and butter billable hour in the past, is now reduced to barely 10 minutes. Julie went from having 5 clients to currently 165 on her books. Technology changes meant she had to develop new and different business skills herself. Marketing. Sales. Business Development. What else can you do when your working week of forty hours is whittled down to almost nothing?
Here’s the interesting thing. What were the steps Julie took to keep her business going and growing? Here are two ideas to steal.

  1. Julie has a branded car. She parked it near a door to a supermarket. This generated clients from the wives of small business owners that were fed up with doing the paperwork.
  2. She marketed herself as a Xero expert on the Xero website
    Do you have an industry website? Or is there a website your customers flock to?

Get More Done In Less Time: Want to free-Up at least two working weeks a year?

Time management is, was and continues to be a severe problem in every single industry I work with. Staff have too much to do in the time they have plus they are drowning under ever increasing volumes of email

  1. Training has still not recovered to pre-2008 days.

  2. Managers, owners, staff are too busy to search out solutions to teach themselves.

  3. New entrants from university only know Gmail, Hotmail - so have no idea of the shortcuts, integration and time saving features of Outlook/Calendars/Contacts.

  4. Software is constantly updating and changing.

Solution: Debbie's 12 Week Outlook Productivity Bootcamp
Instead of sending staff out of office or wasting time on webinars, each week they’ll get a personal email from me outlining an email woe; the solution and a 1 minute how-to video

Each lesson takes less than 3 minutes:
1. 30 seconds to read the email.
2. One minute to watch the how-to video
3. One minute to locate the function in their own Outlook program. Then hours of time saved per year per employee for your business.

As a double launch special I’ll include three ebooks complimentary with your boot camp: 
Conquer Your Email Overload; Make Your Database Your Goldmine; 101 Quick Tips Effective Communication.

Sample Lesson Video Drag & Drop 1 minute 11 seconds

Simply click here to order online https://www.successis/Buy-book/bootcamp.htm  or  download the form and email / fax the form back

Or if you like the personal touch, I'd be delighted to help with anything from small group training (minimum 6) through to conferences. Have a look below to see when I will be in a town close to you.

  1. Effective use of Cloud, Smartphones, software
  2. Email easing your pain, enhancing your gain
  3. Powerful presentations proposals people that sell
  4. Google and Social Media: the Good, Bad and Ugly
  5. Effective communication
  6. Database marketing

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