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{FIRST} Your Quick Tip Newsletter
22 July 2014 Vol 13 No# 96


1. WOW! I didn't know Excel could do that (plus contest)
2. Using Facebook for business? Start crying
3. Nifty Android Smartphone Tip

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1. WOW! I didn't know Excel could do that.

One of the most useful ways of using Excel is for a database. But over time lots of problems can arise:

  1. You add details collected from the internet which are inconsistent (online signups for your newsletter or requests for quotes for example).
  2. Different people interact with it and have different habits – such as using all upper case in makeyour database your goldmineplaces or putting abbreviations, not adding on prefixes for phone numbers, mixing landline and mobile numbers in one column.
  3. Duplicates can occur
  4. Mistakes such as comma’s in email addresses instead of full stops

If you need to use this list for emailing or mailing – you have to clean it – or look bad!
Here are a few lovely, lovely tricks.

In fact, I wrote a book on it so enter the contest (email me with the word contest in the subject line debbie@successis.co.nz to win one of two copies of my Make Your Database Your Goldmine. Have a look:

Wow! I didn’t know that

  1. OneDrive (free online MS Office) has a splendid version of Excel online that you can share- thus allowing people anywhere, anytime to enter their own contact details. All they need is the link. Sign up here http://onedrive.live.com/
  2. Online Survey with OneDrive also has a stunning online survey/form capacity. You can create a form, a survey, a RSVP reply and send the link. What you get is a secure database of the responses all set and done for you. Easily downloadable.
  3. Text to columns – in the data menu 2003; data ribbon 2007-13 will split apart information into separate columns based on what you tell it: space, comma, dash.
  4. Concatenate – will then put things from multiple columns back into one column. For example your last names like van der Geen
  5. Proper – turns text into proper tense – capital for the first letter
  6. Text Filter – you can search within columns for specific text using the ‘contains, does not contain’ parameter.
  7. Export to Outlook – bet you didn’t know you can not only import your Excel database into Outlook but you can also do the opposite – Export your Outlook contacts into Excel

2. Using Facebook for business?
Facebook organic reach If you are, here is a must read article. It's superb actually.

How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed. Read it and weep!!!!

3. Android Smartphone Tip

Here's a jewel from the blog 'here's the thing'

Do you wish there were a faster way to switch your Android phone to airplane mode? To toggle Bluetooth on and off? To crank up your screen brightness, or tweak your Wi-Fi settings?

The answer lies in your “Quick Settings” button in the top-right corner of the display.

A fast way to your Quick Settings (skipping the Notifications window) is to swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers rather than just one.

Once in Quick Settings, you’ll see a series of jumbo-sized buttons that’ll give you one-tap access to some of the most important settings on your Android phone; as well as letting you check and manage your data and battery usage, while the new Location button lets you jump to your location settings (such as the ability to toggle your phone’s location “services” on and off).

Where's Debbie - here's the speaking schedule for the next few months. Always happy to quote on small group training.

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