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Vol 16 No#127 24 January 2017

Shorter and biweekly in 2017

Three Great Quick Tips

1. Effective Communication - Stop Your Justs
Be aware of the phrases, nervous laughs and other verbal or visual paraphernalia you subconsciously use to make yourself less important. ‘Hi, it’s only me . . .’ is the worst offender – why is it ‘only’ you?

Don’t overuse the word ‘just’, as in ‘I was just going to ask you . . .’, ‘I just wanted to say . . .’ and ‘If I could just have a word . . .’
This is one tip from my 101 Quick Tips Effective Communication eBook

2. Tasks / To Do - Gmail and Outlook

Create A Task List Inside Gmail
Love to-do lists? Stay organized by creating a task list right inside Gmail.

From your main Gmail window, in the upper-left corner, click on the drop down arrow next to Mail and click Tasks.  Just click the + icon to create a new task. You can also set a due date, check off complete tasks, and email yourself a copy of the task list.

Outlook 2013-6
If you'd like to view Contacts, Tasks or your Calendar in your inbox, go to the View Ribbon, select To Do Bar and make your selection.

3. Health & Wellbeing - Great Bedtime Apptwilight
You know that one of the most irresistible; yet worst things to do at bedtime is to schmooze your smartphone, tablet or computer. Why? exposure to the blue light produced by LCD screens before sleep may destroy your natural circadian rhythm and cause an inability to fall asleep.

If you have the latest Apple operating system you just swipe up and select Night Shift as in the image on the right. Samsungs Galaxy 7 has a blue light filter built in ( settings>display settings> blue light toggle is just below the brightness slider)

Otherwise you can download apps that remove the blue light. I use Twilight http://twilight.urbandroid.org/ but of course there are many others.

Feedback from the last issue

Flaxseeds - Roy Palmer emailed that Flax have short chain Omega-3's whereas seafood has LONG chain Omega-3's thus are superior. The best Omega-3's are EPA & DHA found in all seafood - the fish get it from algae so seaweed can be great!

Windows Key + Number - Ross Thompson said that 0 will work for 10 and Adrian Williams said that this tip works also with Windows 7.

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New Presentations / Training For 2017

Understanding Tomorrows Technology Today

Cloud. Bots. Virtual Reality. Dark Social. Internet of things. Artificial Intelligence. Driverless Cars. Apps. Wearables. You need to know the threats and opportunities you face operating and prospering in today’s completely unwired world.

:  Better understanding of where technology is today  Understanding of what to use now  Increase productivity  Improved business processes and communication

Quick Tips For A Happier Healthier You

A story, how to and quick tip filled session, Debbie will give you a simple blueprint for health and wellbeing, balancing and managing work and family including computer automation tricks that will help you achieve your personal and business goals and stop wasting so much precious time. Debbie will inspire, entertain and make you laugh and think. But more importantly she’ll share the secrets to successfully balancing the 1001 pulls on your time without dropping the ball.

Outcomes:  Reduced stress  Business and personal plans of action  More effective way of working – more spare time

Email today about your training or conference requirements - don't miss out. debbie@successis.co.nz

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