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24 February 2015 Vol 14 No#103


1. four articles to enjoy
2. Three tips to be more memorable and persuasive
3. It's my birthday - so I'm giving presents
. Where's Debbie (so far) in 2015?

1. Four articles to enjoy

  1. I got terrible customer service - We went shopping. Three great tips to ensure your business doesn't get lose sales like the companies we visited
  2. Make more sales. Quoting from pain to gain If your business does quotes, this is a must read!
  3. 14 things you didn't know your iPhone headphones could do
    They're not just for music!
  4. Xero's seven top tips for tax time - useful as we come up to the end of financial year for many

2. Three tips to be more memorable and persuasive
You know it's important to sell yourself while trying to acquire a new client. However I bet you're uncomfortable talking about yourself. Tooting your own horn.

Aside from price, reputation, service, one of the most important ways you win that client is to stand out from your competition. To be more memorable. You must sell yourself. The best way to do so, and to get the points you'd like to make is to do it through a story. How you helped a different client, how your staff found a solution. How you worked well in a team. How you saved the day. How you saved a client money, time, embarrassment. Your accomplishments detailed via a story rather than an "I did this" will indeed make you more memorable and persuasive.

Telling a story well requires skill. Here are three tips to improve your success that I learnt from a speaking / sales coach, Patricia Fripp.

I/You Ratio
Portray the story entirely in the listeners world. Instead of beginning with "I cut costs by 10 per cent" change it to "I'm sure you have other clients that try to help you cut costs".

Description / Dialogue
Good stories have flesh and blood characters and dialogue. Tell your story through the conversations that occurred. Describe the people, the weather, set the scene. People think in pictures. Draw them with your words.

Hollywood it
The story doesn't have to start in the beginning, nor be told in sequence A through Z. Movies don't do that. Go for the dramatic statement, one that grabs and makes one want to know more. Then you go and back fill the story.

To highlight how your idea saved money you story could start: "You just managed to save us $100,000" my client Phil said with glee. Let me explain. You might have had cost cutting measures in your company like 'company' did one year ago...

3. It's my birthday so I'm giving out presentsmarketing in today's wired world

Actually, my birthday is skipped again this year (yup, I'm a leap year baby), so I'll give a thank you to my readers instead. BTW - please don't do the maths. One of the first books I wrote was Successful Email Marketing back in 2001. Fast forward seven years and it was updated to Marketing in Today's Wired World. The print book sold out immediately, but I still have the ebook version. This is a literal must have book for email marketing. It's as relevant today as the day it was written - however it does not cover social media. If you'd like some easy to read advice, top tips, things to avoid - about email then you must read this ebook. If you would like it, simply email me, and I'll send you the link to download the ebook. mtww@successis.co.nz

4. Where's Debbie (so far) for Speaking / Training 2015
Let me help you with anything from small group training (minimum 6) through to conferences. To see when I'll be close to you - click here for the speaking engagements

  • Shift your technology but! Effective use of Cloud, Smartphones, software
  • Conquer your email overload
  • Effective communication
  • Earn more from your clients and prospects - social media and database marketing

Email me directly now or fill out the Speaking Quote before you lose your date.
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