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12 December 2014 Vol 13 No#101


This month's content

1. Votes in. Quick Tips as is
2. Extend Christmas fun
3. Holiday gift vouchers
4. Easy cooking
5. Extend holiday memories
6. Family diaries/calendars
7. Facebook groups for private holiday sharing
8. Last call for 1/2 price books
9. Where's Debbie (so far) in 2015?

1. Quick Tips: As is or shorter

In October I asked you for your vote for this newsletter in 2015. To keep the content length as is, or to provide shorter, but more frequent newsletters. The vote was 140 as is; and 34 to shorter/more frequent. So we'll keep the same format, but with a new design coming soon for next year.

2. Extend Christmas fun

If your children rip open presents in a frenzy, here is an idea. Have them open their gifts one at a time during the course of the day

• It prolongs the pleasure for the entire day
• It allows each gift to get proper attention
• You can build up from small presents, to the ‘big one’.

3. Holiday gift vouchers - not the store bought kind

Gifts don’t always have to cost a lot of money. One of the loveliest gifts that you can give to family and friends, or ask for yourself, is that of time and shall I call it personal service. An hour foot, back or hand massage, running errands, doing chores, babysitting, special time together having lunch or a walk through a museum, are all great gifts. My favourite present was a handmade book of redeemable, thirty minute back rubs and bowls of hot popcorn from my daughter Samantha.

4. Easy cooking holiday time or not!

Countertop grills are great time savers as well as fat reducers. Here are some cooking ideas you’ll love:

• Bacon: 2–3 minutes, and it drains fat and reduces shrinkage
• Eggs: Just lower the cover, but don’t press down on the eggs
• Meatballs with a little cheese on bread, and leftover bolognaise spaghetti sauce
• Kebabs

5. Extend holiday memories

A nice memento from travelling is to buy fridge magnets or tea towels from the places you go. Using the towels, seeing the magnets on your fridge will keep your holidays and memories
alive longer. They can also be used for a learning experience for young children. Purchase things with native birds, trees, animals etc., from the places you have visited.

6. Family diaries/calendars

For young children (who can read and write), start a big family diary and keep it in the kitchen. This way you’ll know the comings and goings and appointments of everyone. You can include them in your world and they will know that you are interested in theirs.

For busy families with older children - why not keep everyone up to date with a shared Google calendar. Two options. let everyone use the same login to the one calendar, and simply use a unique colour for their activity. Alternatively Let mom have the master Google calendar, and have dad and the kids share their calendar. Then mom can integrate the families calendars into hers, again seeing all the activity. Even better these calendars can be made public and individual entries can still remain private.

7. Facebook groups for sharing holidays

How you can bring your family and friends along with you on holiday is by uploading your holiday photos onto Facebook at the end of the day - or two - or whenever you're at a WI-FI spot!

You don't need to put it on your personal page where all your so called 'friends' can see it. Nor your business page. Why not create a special holiday group? A Facebook Group has the advantage of:

  1. It can be public (anyone joins), closed (anyone can ask to join or be invited) or secret (must be invited).
  2. Your posts and photos in the secret groups can only be seen by members.
  3. You can email members
  4. You can upload more than one photo and they can be put into different albums

So before you next go away on an exciting holiday, consider opening a secret group, add your family and friends via their email addresses (they must be on Facebook) and then you can shoot through a Facebook message or email every time you have uploaded something new.

P.S. Don't forget to download the Facebook app for your tablet or smartphone.

8. Last call, books 1/2 price

Gifts- why not select one of my best-selling business books as a gift? And to add spice, I'll offer them at 1/2 price through Nov/Dec.

  • Conquer your Email Overload. Norm $35 Xmas $17.50
  • Make Your Database Your Goldmine Norm $45 Xmas $22.50
  • 101 Quick Tips Create A Great Customer Experience Norm $20 Xmas $10

Read about the books here or go straight to ordering NZ here Australia here

9. Where's Debbie (so far) for Speaking / Training 2015
Don't miss out. Email now for your in-house training or conference requirements. Quick - before you lose your date. Speaking Quote
Debbie Mayo-Smith brief outline

Date 2015 Event Location
4 September Independent Tertiary Education NZ Rotorua New Zealand
2 July NZ Audiological Society Auckland New Zealand
8-11 June American Incentive Business Travel Conference Chicago USA
21 May Women in Business Conference Chartered Accountants NZ Australia Wellington New Zealand
19 May The Corporate PA Summit Auckland New Zealand
14 May Women in Business Conference Chartered Accountants NZ Australia Auckland New Zealand
30 April - 1 March Xerocon Auckland New Zealand
27- 28 April RIAA Conference Hunter Valley NSW Australia
23-24 April LPMA Conference Gold Coast Australia

6-8 March

Australian Institute Conveyancers Mandurah WA Australia
1 March

Justices of the Peace Association

Auckland New Zealand
28 February Curves Gym Owners Conference Wellington New Zealand
27 February GETBA Luncheon Auckland New Zealand
26 February BDO Taranaki Business Expo & Seminar New Plymouth New Zealand


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