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04 June 2015

Your Business Quick Tip Alert
Vol 14 No#106


1. Galaxy Smartphone? You'll love this fab tip! Hot Key Shortcuts

Are you using your Hot Keys? This function enables you to pick a number, then when pressed and held, it substitues the text you have set up. I used '1' for my email address. What a pleasure not to have to type it out anymore when not in the email program!!! Use it for your frequently typed sentences or paragraphs too.

Here's where you'll find it:

  1. Settings>Language and Input > Keyboards and input methods > Samsung Keyboard > click My hot keys.

2. Highly secret & clever Instagram Tip - Add call to action or your website address

Here is a top tip that few know or use this on Instagram. Location is right under your Instagram name and appears aboe the picture you've posted.

Use Location for Calls to Action!

You can’t have a clickable link (unless you advertise) in Instagram. However if you want to highlight a call to action or your website, adding text to location is a great workaround for you. ( If you're on Instagram, let's connect I'm debbiemayosmith)

Here’s how:

  1. First, upload an image to Instagram and share the post.
  2. Next, tap the three dots in the bottom corner of the photo and select Edit.
  3. The keyboard pops up with the option Add Location.
  4. Tap Add Location. A pop-up asks you to turn on location services. Press Cancel, and tap the Find or Create a Location search bar.
  5. Type in your call to action text or your website address.
  6. Click Create a Custom Location.
  7. Click Done (or hit the checkmark for Android) and your CTA will show up directly above the image. Feel free to include emoticons in the location area to grab your followers’ attention.

3. Those darn merged cells in Excel

Ever try to sort an Excel list and it won't? 'Merged cells' it tells you, even though you might not see where they are.

To unmerge cells go to Home ribbon>Alignment tab> select the Merge and Centre drop down arrow>Unmerge cells.

unmerge cells in Excel

4. When you need your team working better together

I was part of a conference handled by the event management firm HQNZ.
Not only are they Queenstown experts, M.D. Rob Stewart-McDonald is the lead facilitator for Peak Teams in NZ. They use adventure metaphors to get your values and learning across with three simulations to develop high performance teams.

  1. Reach for the Summit (mountaineering for leadership, collaboration, communication and high performance).
  2. Big wave surfing for customer service and
  3. Expedetion to Africa for goal achievement and thinking outside the box.

If your company is looking to develop how staff work togehter, improve their performance, customer service or communication, I recommend you call Rob. It works beautifully for small teams to corporate groups. Give Rob a call 64 3 442 3677 or email rob@hqnz.co.nz

5. Add some flair to your document. Use a drop cap in Word

Do you know what a drop cap is? It's when the first letter in the first word of a paragraph is made larger and drops down over the first few lines your your document. If's quite hidden in the Word ribbon. You'll find it on the Word Insert Ribbon > text menu > it's the image with the A in the upper left hand corner

6. Small group In-house training

If you'd like to get much more done in less time; ease the burden of email; help your team grow sales; improve communication, then let me help with a customised small group in-house training session. From city council EA's, to insurance broking teams. From sales reps and all corporate staff or management- I can help! Here's a few module examples.

1.     Kick Your Technology But!
A wonderful cornucopia of software, smartphone, cloud, Internet how-to’ s and tricks that have you saying ‘wow! I didn’t know that!

2     More Time. More income. Delighted Clients.
A freasy three ingredient recipe to boost your business and personal success.

3     Conquer Your Email Overload
Free up at least two working weeks a year. I'll show you a small group of tweaks that will ease your pain and enhance your gain.

4.     Social Media and Google Strategies 2015
What to do; what is a total waste of time and how to get a ROI

5.     Effective Communication
How to be more memorable and persuasive

6.     Winning Presentations, PowerPoints, Conversations.
Learn how to craft communications to achieve your goals

Email Debbie directly now or fill out the Speaking Quote.

Date 2015 Event Location
13 November FBAA National Conference Gold Coast Australia
6 November Corporate Executive PA EA Masterclass Wellington
4 November Corporate Executive PA EA Masterclass Auckland
7 -30 September Overseas engagements Europe
4 September Bayleys Administrator Day Auckland NZ
3 September Independent Tertiary Education NZ Rotorua NZ
28 August Bayleys Real Estate Auckland NZ
11 August PGG Wrightson Real Estate Wellington NZ
29 July Kepa Business Leaders Auckland NZ
10 July Cranes NZ Tauranga NZ
2 July NZ Audiological Society Auckland NZ
26 June Productivity Workshop Nelson NZ
25 June Rural Contractors Blenheim NZ
17 June Executive PA Private Workshop Palmerston North City Council Palmerston North NZ
16 June Technology Productivity Workshop Palmerston North NZ
8-11 June AIBTM Chicago USA

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