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Vol 17 No#144 19 January 2018


  • Networking Tip
  • A Great Post New Year Resolution
  • Excel Tip: Conditional Formatting
  • Conquer Email: Customised training in person or online
  • 6 Health Quick Tips
  • Where’s Debbie

Networking Tip
Want to feel more at ease AND be more delightful to mingle with (while networking)? Ask interesting questions moving from past to present to the future. For example:

    • Past – So you’ve been with the company x years. What changes have you seen?

    • Present – What challenges do you have?

    • Future – What trends do you foresee?

A Great Post New Year Resolution
plasticIf you haven’t made a resolution; how about this simple one. Vow to use less disposable plastic this year. It could be as simple as buying yourself a lovely water bottle and refilling it (without cost) instead of buying water and adding another plastic bottle to the bin. Think of the savings both for you and your environment!!! We now produce 20 times more plastic than we did in 1964, a vast rubbish-scape of bottles and wrapping and hard plastic lids that is expected to double in size in the next 20 years – and almost quadruple in size by 2050. 
This photo shows the plastics found in the stomach of a single sea turtle

Excel Tip
Conditional formatting is available in Excel. This allows you to color text, a cell or apply an arrow automatically to information that meets a criteria you set. For example the top 10% of sales.  Sales by Tom. Amounts over or under $5000.
RExcelank sales by size and so on.
Here is a how-to video (1 minute 40 seconds)
If you like the video, it’s an example from my 16 week Excel Quick Tip Boot camp. Find out more here


Customised In-House training or private webinar
Conquer Email: Ease Your Pain. Enhance Your Gain
How effective is your email performance? Top athletes declare their success is derived 99% from preparation and training.
How much training have you had / given your team/staff to with to work with the No#1 business communication tool? How effective is performance?

I have written four best-selling books about working with email. My varied industry experience combined with intimate knowledge of business problems and email programs means I can create customised training with significant impact driving peak performance.  

The outcome is each person freeing up at the very least two working weeks a year and becoming a master of communication, business development, customer service, follow up and response.

Email me for a quote on customised training either in-person at your office or running it online

6 Helpful Health Quick Tips
Over the past month I’ve read through almost a dozen issues of Good Health Choices NZ magazine. Here is a small selection of helpful tips if one of your 2018 resolutions is to be slimmer.

  • Downsize your plate – research suggests you’ll eat about 22% less if you eat from a 28 to 30cm dinner plate, rather than a larger one.

  • Use a coloured plate such as red, research shows you’ll eat less than on a white plate

  • Have a salad before lunch or dinner. It helps fill you up before you start eating higher calorie foods (you can make a large one that lasts a few days and dig into that for convenience)

  • Set a curfew. Eat only during a 10-hour period – say 9-7; 8-6. This could cut your calorie intake by 20% and creates that fasting period mainly while you’re asleep that is popular now.

  • Drink 3+ glasses of water a day (using that new water bottle you’ve just bought from above).

  • My summer secret with small top bottles is to fill it 1/3 with water and leave in the freezer overnight for a cold refreshing treat. I then put it in a thermal sock (my kids do ridicule me over this) but it is superb from catching condensation and keeping it cold).

Where’s Debbie?
Where’s Debbie: Email now for a speaking, training or private webinar quote
As you can see I’m going to be in Fiji in 17-20 May; Copenhagen on the 25th of August and Boston on the 10th September. If you know of any organisation that is holding a conference or company that could use my training – I would mightily appreciate a referral.




15-18 October

AAPM Conference


26 August- 16 September


Europe, USA

16 August

AAPNZ Conference


10 August

Franchise Assoc Conference Tentitive

New Zealand

23-25 July

Horticulture New Zealand tentitive

New Zealand

15 June

SPANZ Administrative Conference


17-20 May

Fiji Institute of Accountants 46th Annual Congress


11 April

Insurance Advisernet

New Zealand

27 February

AAPNZ Dunedin


26 February

PSC Connect


12 February

Te Hekenga III


8 February

Australian Assoc. Practice Managers Conquer Email Webinar


25 January

Women in Project Management Leadership Summit


22 January



16 January

Allied Medical Staff Conference



Email Debbie if you'd like a speaking or training quote.

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