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Vol 17 No#145 8 February 2018


  • Get Your Emails, Reports & Social Media Read
  • Email Marked As Read Too Soon
  • Downside of Social Media
  • The Two Secrets to Create Winning Proposals
  • How to Survive and Thrive with Email

1. How to Get Your Emails, Reports & Social Media Read
How do you get your creations read given the overwhelming volume of things people have a choice to read? From emails to LinkedIn Posts to promotional material.

Here are two tips.

First very short paragraphs
Break it down to make it easier to digest AND easier to read on a smartphone.

Second a superb attention grabbing subject / headline
Naturally you know about a good headline but also have a subhead for each paragraph (in bold) to make it scannable for those too busy to read the whole thing. Something scanned is better than not read at all.  Great headlines (yes, even for an email) have a formula like below for example:

  • How to + (action) + (result)

  • The secret to (need or goal)

  • (Number) + things you need to know to (get something done)

  • Top ten or seven lists

If you are tasked with writing social media or newsletter articles and want more ideas, here is an example of the many articles you can find online to help. This one has 13 headline formulas.

2. Email Marked As Read Too Soon?

Oh the pain of it. You hover over the email and it unbolds. But you want it to stand out to come back to later. Why not change the settings so the unbolding takes longer to occur?

In Outlook 2010 – 2016 You can change the number of seconds here: File>Options>Advanced>Outlook Panes>Reading Pane. You click the Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane. Then fill in the number of seconds you want it to wait before marking item as read. It’s as simple as that.

It takes Gmail about 3 seconds to mark an email as unread when you click on it. You can right click it and change it to unread.

But what if you want to grab a swathe of emails to mark as read? You can. Go to Settings>Labs> select the Mark as Read Button to add onto your Gmail Inbox. It will appear on top with all the other action buttons.

3. Marvelous Article About the Downside of Social Media
Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. This Guardian article reports on the Silicon Valley innovators alarmed by a race for human attention Read More

4. The Two Secrets to Create Winning Proposals
Here are two more writing tips

1. Them. Not You.
Almost every piece of marketing material, proposal, sales presentation that you see has the wrong I/You ratio.  Your prospects care solely about themselves. Yet most marketing material focuses on how wonderful ‘we’ are. How great we do. Send this content packing. Replace it with a customer focused what’s in it for them strategy.

How will your proposal make them more successful? How will it free up time? How will it make them happier? How will it make them more money?

2. Quantify
Money talks. Fluff walks.  

Put a dollar value on how they’ll benefit. Measure their rate of return. 
This exercise is easier than you might think. Will your product/service save them time? Put a value on it by estimating how much time it will save per annum and multiply this by the value of that person’s time (their wage per hour, salary).
Say you can reduce stress. This leads to happier employees which helps reduce turnover, and you can quantify the recruitment costs saved along with the productivity continuum. What if you can help make more sales or increase turnover?  Take the average value of one sale (you can even factor in the life time value of that one new client) multiplied by the number of new ones expected.
You can get the base information any number of ways. Research on the Internet, their competitors and their annual reports. Talk to HR professionals about salary levels, colleagues in that industry and allies within that company.

5. How to Survive & Thrive With Email
Upskill to Peak Performance

  • Free up two to three weeks per working year.
  • Email on smartphone – working better and quicker
  • Never miss another opportunity
  • Automatically sort, prioritise, answer incoming email
  • Never retype repetitive emails again
  • Turn contacts into a superb customer / prospect database
  • Manage calendars and tasks better

Top athletes always say their effort is 99% preparation; 1% performance. How much “preparation” i.e. training have you had - or given staff  - to with to work with email? It’s the program everyone spends the most time in and your no#1 communication tool.

Why not consider one of the 5 ways of training that I can help you with? Put my varied industry experience and intimate knowledge of business problems and email programs to work for you. Your customised session has a significant impact driving peak performance.  You’ll learn little known features combined with clever thinking that will make a significant impact on your business processes and performance.
Email me today to get a very economical quote on:

  1. Conferences, seminars, roadshows quote for large groups
  2. Customised in-house training (minimum 6 individuals)in-house training
  3. Your own webinar (great for businesses with staff in many locations)quote on webinars
  4. Online- learning with video quick-tip lessons over 16 weeks Quote on quick tip boot camp
  5. One on one live training via Skype or Google Hangouts Quote on 121

Email Debbie if you'd like a speaking or training quote.

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