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Microsoft Changed The Rules!
Ad Agency Ignorance Costing Clients Big Time In Email

I noticed, but didn't comprehend the sheer universality of the problem until last month.

Almost four years ago Microsoft dramatically changed the emailing arena with a double whammy. With the launch of Office 2003 the preview pane stole valuable real estate when it moved to the right side of the screen (giving email preview 1/3 of the screen vs. the bottom half.) They also banned external links and made the change retroactive to Office 2002. This means pictures don't show unless the recipient actively clicks to allow them. Gmail has followed suit.

I have written about this several times over the years - how professionally designed emails needed to be redesigned immediately - or you're sunk.

Because I'm writing a new book, I've been saving and actually looking at all incoming marketing emails and newsletters.

Are you ready?
67 out of 67 professionally designed emails were unreadable. I stopped counting and saving after that. The graphic - not showing - pushed all text (if there was any) off screen. Even though the preview has been physically moved, none of the templates had changed to compensate. Even Microsoft's own ad agency got it wrong and you couldn't read their email.

Hello!! Four years have passed.
Wouldn't an honest or prudent or knowledgeable web or advertising agency tell their clients about the changes?

Or is it sheer blind arrogance that makes them think you and I value their email communications so much that of course we will take the time to download their logos and pictures. What do you think?

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