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How To Get More Done In Less Time - Great Outlook Strategies

How To Get More Done In Less Time - Great Outlook Strategies

Do you dread the emails waiting for you after a couple of days off?

Do you write-off your first ½ hour in the office because it's wasted going through emails?

Sick of that darn spam; those never ending cc's; of trying to find that specific email you know you've seen?

The volume of email that you deal with has been increasing exponentially, hasn't it? While your knowledge on how to handle it all and work with your email program most likely has remained static. 

The Solution
This series of 12 articles are selections from the new book Conquer Your Email Overload, Superb Tips and Tricks For Busy People by Debbie Mayo-Smith. They will help save you stress and time. And time is money.

While you can't stop what is sent to your mailbox beyond what Xtra or your IT department filters out as spam or inappropriate email, this series can help you put tools and clever strategies in place to assist with managing your emails, improving your marketing and your contact management.

You can look for these articles over the next few months. Today we'll start with Outlook vs. Outlook Express.

How To Get More Done In Less Time - Great Outlook Strategies Our Series:

Take Control Of Your inbox

  1. Intro and Outlook Vs Outlook Express
  2. Your inbox metal filing cabinet and tricks
  3. The life changing magic of rules
  4. Put your old emails away - Archive
  5. It's disappeared! Common disappearing acts and how to find lost emails
  6. Calendar is much more than appointments and meetings

Putting Your Inbox To Work For You & Your Business

  1. Clever Shortcuts you'll love
  2. Never forget again with Tasks
  3. Spam filters - the other side - getting your emails through
  4. Email for marketing - enhancing your results

Getting Much, much more out of Your Email Program
11. Make contacts your stunning marketing database -the best kept secret of categories.
12. Personalised emails with a push of a button

Outlook Express Vs. Outlook

Outlook Express comes free of charge with Internet Explore and is very, very basic. Outlook on the other hand is purchased as part of the Office suite of programs. Even if you're using Outlook Express, most likely you have Outlook and just aren't using it.

Which one to use?
If all you want to do is send and receive emails, by all means just use Outlook Express. No problem. However you're missing out on so much more that could save you time and improve your productivity!

Features that Outlook has (and Outlook Express does not)

Calendar - it's not just for meetings and appointments.

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