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Be protected when disaster strikes you

How to easily back up your computer files

Our 12-year-old Alex had his friend Harry over. With tons going on and 7 kids running around the house I didn’t pay close attention to what they were doing on the computer in the family room. 

The next day, I tried to open a document. Nothing there. In fact I was prompted to install Microsoft Excel. What!!!?

I tried again. Same thing. I tried a word document. Same thing. “Oh my God” I said.

“Harry deleted files yesterday mommy” Daniel my 9 year old said.

What !!!!!???? Alex !!!!!…..

Needless to say, Harry is indefinitely banned from our house. That little angel deleted everything (yes I checked the recycle bin). All the programmes. All the files. Everything. Not maliciously, perhaps not even comprehending – but definitely not asking. 

Thank goodness times a 1,000 it was just one of the computers in the living room (we’ve got 7), and not my main one. 

But let me ask:

  • Do you back up your files?
  • What would happen if your laptop is stolen?
  • What if a Harry came to your home?
  • Can you imagine losing all your work

Do what we do. Buy a CD writer (they’re way down in price now) and back up your files to a CD. A CD costs as little as $2.00.

Four Tips

  1. With this great tool, backing up your files is as easy as drag, drop and click. You drop the files you want backed up (my documents, etc.) into the create a CD column, then push go.
  2. If you have a significant amount of files, do a search on Windows Explorer looking for the files that have changed since your last back up. Only copy those.
  3. If you have a lot of graphic or photo files to back up; want to backup Outlook with all those emails and the address book, you can zip them to compress the files and Copy the Zipped file to CD.
  4. You could have an extra hard drive put in your computer, so that you can have all your programmes on one drive (i.e. the C Drive) and then all your documents and files can be on the other drive (i.e. the D Drive). This way you can back up the entire D drive.

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Debbie Mayo-Smith (BSc Hons Econ) is an International Motivational Business Speaker and Managing Director of SuccessIS! ( and a leading specialist in easy practical ways to improve business profitability, personal productivity and Internet marketing. Debbie lives in NZ and travels the world speaking, writing and training. By the way, if you'd like to get lots of neat tricks like this, plus marketing and business development tips, why not enrol for our free newsletter?

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