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Beware of Using Graphics In Emails

Outlook 2003 Changed the rules

Almost four years ago Microsoft dramatically changed the emailing arena with a double whammy in Outlook 2003.

  1. Previewing emails was moved to the right side of the screen. Reducing the view to a vertical one third of the screen vs. the old one half horizontal screen view.
  2. External links have been banned (and the change made retroactive to Office 2002.) This means pictures don't show unless the recipient actively clicks to allow them. Gmail has followed suit.

How to improve reading of your email
Office 2003 predominates so:

      • Minimise use of graphics.
      • Skip the logo, have your company name in text
      • If you must use graphics put them on the right side of the email. They won’t distract, use valuable text real estate or worse, pull the text off the page.

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