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Keep them coming back for more

Over lunch I mentioned to Kylie Masters, from House of Travel, that I was writing this book. Our conversation flew to how travel consultants work. ‘Does anyone at House of Travel stand out?’ I asked. ‘You must speak with Amber King from our Newmarket branch. She’s
highly successful,’ she said.‘I’ve been in the business for a number of years now.

Other people think that what I do adds a lot of stress, is a burden, requires plenty of money or takes lots of time, but it’s not true. I know people have a lot of choice in where to go for their travel requirements. I want to thank them for their loyalty to me.’

A few things Amber does:

• Other travel consultants in the office give her their leftover foreign change from their overseas travels. She passes it on to customers with a little ‘have a drink on me’ note with their tickets.

• When colleagues travel, they gather local postcards for her. They cost very little and she gives one to clients in their travel wallets.

• She often bakes cookies for clients – it’s an easy recipe and they love it.

• Regardless of how much or little they spend, she writes a thank-you note for every single customer.

• She writes, signs and adds a customised message about herself and son Finn on every Christmas card, for between 300 and 400 clients.

How can you tailor Amber’s actions for your business?


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