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Customer Experience Tips

101 Quick Tips Surviving the KidsIf you like these quick tips, they're from the book 101 Quick Tips: Create a Great Customer Experience. Take a look now.


People make it happen
Eliminate staff downtime
Hire for attitude
Solution guide for staff
Treat your staff like your customers
Tell staff the cost of getting it wrong
Create customer advocates
Don’t let staff drive your customers away
What do your Generation Y customers want?
Benefit of word of mouth
Send staff out on visits
Get staff to review their performance
Ask how you can help
Empower your staff


Don’t take customers for granted
Processes are the engine that drives your business
Save hours splitting first and last names apart
Make a flow chart of what really happens
Remember customers’ birthdays
Speed things up
Preset email subject lines
Do what you say you will do
Turn off laptop wireless


Improve your database
Lack of service
Review your policies
How your company should view customer service mistakes
Don’t let them leave unhappy
Train young staff first
Don’t worry about being right
Stand by your word
VIP book
Top management interacting with customers
An ounce of image is worth a tonne of performance


Digital recorders
Gaining a competitive advantage
Generate great word of mouth
Be different, not just better
Easy follow-up system
Be a farmer, not a hunter
Categorise your customers
Look at their future worth
Avoid costly mailing list blunders
Put your customers in the centre of your world
Don’t forget about your website
Don’t leave it to chance
Card collector, not loyal customer
Use the web wisely
Don’t send that email
Help customers find you

Adding value

Be likeable
Give a thank-you they’ll enjoy
Relationship business builder
Know your stuff
New spin on an old marketing tip
What customers want
Knock their socks off
Keep them coming back for more
Make it easy
Go the extra mile for your customers
Remove barriers
Take responsibility
Tell the truth
Personalise their customer experience
Don’t take the easy way out
Walk in your customers’ shoes


Answer the phone quickly
Send reminders to create more business
Phone etiquette matters
Keep customers informed
Don’t be afraid
Make transfers less painful
Clever ways to use Skype and save you and your customers money
Make your company easy to do business with


Let customers know when you’re away
Prioritise customer web inquiries
Referral thank-you
Keep customers informed
Overcome email saturation
Make them want to have a relationship
Personalise with a click
Close the loop
Remember your important customers
Tailor your message
Never rest
Improve your online customer newsletters
Make a customer promise
How can I track staff-handling of web inquiries?
Beware of using graphics in emails

Enter your customer’s world

Notice what’s important to them
Ask your customers what they think of your company
Send vital information
Christmas in July
Your customers will tell you
Build a customer feedback system
Listen to what they are telling you
Talk to your customers’ customers
Video some customers
Learn their business


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