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The Dilemma Of The Missing Email Or Folder

Debbie, any way to find a missing email or folder?

One of two things may have happened.

You may have accidentally deleted it. Deleted items accumulate until you personally empty the contents of your deleted items folder. So check there first for items that have vanished.

Or you may have accidentally dragged it with your mouse and dropped it somewhere without noticing. If it just happened, hit the undo icon.

No joy? Five more ways of finding it.

  1. Sort. You would be familiar by now with sorting.  A simple click on the top of the grey column header (To, From, Size, Date ….)
  2. Find and Advanced Find . Find searches based on one specific criteria. Advanced enables you to add more criteria to filter by such as date received and size.
  3. Vista Search or Google Desktop
    Works like a Find/ Advanced find through your documents and emails.
  4. Activities Tab on (Outlook) Contact
    Looking for a specific email sent from an individual you have in your contacts? Pop open their contact and click on the activities tab. Instantly it will start populating with all the Outlook activity you’ve had with that person. Emails, meetings, Tasks.
  5. Search Folders (Outlook 2003-7)
    The Search Folder is a permanent virtual folder. It shows you copies of emails that meet the criteria you set, gathering them from all over Outlook – no matter what folder you have placed them in originally. Virtual means your emails are not physically moved into these search folders.

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