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Respect leads to engagement

Jim Mora, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand
I interview dozens of people every week on radio and television. Of course there are people you warm to, and others not so much, but there is a high quota of people I am charmed by. The reason I’m charmed by them is that they have talents I do not. Whether it’s laying pavers beautifully or throwing up an elegant pergola on Mucking In, or sharing their expertise on the radio, I tend to find them interesting. Nearly everyone I meet can do something I can’t, and if you apply that attitude of respect to strangers you will
invariably get on with them better.

I’m not a great believer in assigning that word‘creative’ to certain occupations. I find creativity in every nook and cranny of human endeavour. And the more interested you are in what people can do, the more you realise what qualities underlie that achievement – courage, sacrifice, perseverance, altruism and so on. Therefore, a willingness to respect others leads quickly to engagement. People KNOW when you are respectful or not. Respect isn’t just polite greetings; it has to contain interest. And if you are interested in others, they will warm to you.

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