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Specific target or not?

Sarah Reilly, ITNZ, New Zealand
Understand where your product fits within each company. If, for each call you make, you say, ‘Can I speak to the person in charge of telecommunications,’ you’ll lose clients.

For example, I work for an engineering firm. We have HUGE telecommunication needs, mobile phones, conferencing facilities and broadband 24/7 to over 40 computers and the rest. But no one here is specifically in charge of that. We have an IT person, an perations
manager, four directors and sometimes a couple of techies as well. While all of these people would have a crucial role either in understanding what you’re selling or in approving the payment for it, no one particular person can be sold on a single phone call.
Start with the general/operations manager and ask if you can come in and sit down with them.

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