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The power of numbers and
the subconscious

Sarah Reilly, ITNZ, New Zealand
Remember that sales have an approximate hit-rate of one in ten. For every ten calls, you’re likely to get one bite, one call-back, two conversations, five ‘not interested’ responses and one angry weirdo. However, that one bite isn’t evenly distributed within every ten calls. If you lose your enthusiasm after twenty calls with no sales, you will miss the one person that would’ve been sold by your confidence and exuberance.

Morale in telemarketing is about as important as training. I had a manager that told staff certain names were lucky. Ours was ‘Wilson’, and she always sold to Wilsons. She would let us call Wilson pages out of the phone book when everyone was tired or cranky. Just
knowing that Wilsons were friendly people who were always responsive to our product meant we sold them every time.

Don’t underestimate the power of the subconscious.

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