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Stop, think, act. Don’t react.

Margie Mockford, NZIM, New Zealand
Margie shares how to avoid unpleasant conflict conversations.

Bob, a student working on a group assignment, received an email from Sue (a member of the group) saying she felt he was not pulling his weight. Bob’s initial reaction was to strike back and argue with Sue that she was wrong. Too much was at stake, so he
waited a day and then asked Sue if they could meet and discuss the email. With a little persuasion, Sue agreed.

Over coffee, Sue explained that her opinion was based on what she had seen when the group was together. Bob thanked Sue for her courage to write the email to him and they got to the bottom of the accusation, remedying it by having a positive conversation. Once Sue had all the facts, she realised that Bob was pulling his weight.

Strategy: how you can do a Bob
Consciously stop and think about a complaint and work on a positive solution rather than reacting to the accusation or the person delivering it. Once done, a reaction is very hard to undo. They are often explosive and volatile. Feeling justified and morally correct does
not mean that a better outcome cannot be reached.

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