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Easing into a crowded room

Networking conversation starters
Networking can be a very rewarding business and relationship-building activity. However, if you’re like most, you dislike going into a crowded room alone.
Here are four excellent tips that will help put you at

1. Smile and say, ‘Tell me about your business.’ It works like a charm. People love to talk about themselves. They’re pleased, flattered and surprised that you’ve asked.
2. Robyn Henderson, a networking maestro, suggests you move from past, to present, to future questions. For example:
a. Past – ‘So you’ve been with the company x years. What changes have you seen in that time?’
b. Present – ‘What challenges do you face?’
c. Future – ‘What challenges do you foresee?’
3. Read/skim the newspaper every day. You’ll have something to talk about with everyone and you’ll be able to quote articles by topic and industry in relation to that person.
4. Research the hosting company on the Internet. It will give you something to talk about with your hosts and other guests.

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