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From good to spectacular

We all keep to-do lists. However, if you’re like me, you end up with fifteen different, half-crossed-out lists scattered everywhere. Yet almost everyone has a built-in software feature that acts like an automatic todo list; your automatic memory, prompting you when the time has come. Not letting you forget (even after three weeks have passed and it’s still not completed!).

This feature is called Tasks in Outlook and To Do in Lotus Notes. If you don’t have either, then a web calendar system can be used. With a bit of clever thinking, this automatic prompting function on your computer can take you from being good at sales; good at customer service; good at business development; and good at relationship management to being utterly spectacular.

Five follow-up ideas:
1. On current or long-term quotes or proposals that didn’t eventuate in a sale.
2. When a client will need your services again (such as annual renewals, consumables and conferences).
3. On important emails you’ve sent that have remained unanswered.
4. On past customer service problems (especially if they are not expecting a future call/contact).
5. Project management, including assigning tasks to staff.

Think of Tasks/To Do as your aide in persistency and the means to de-clutter your mind.

Following on from meetings, task action items to the people who are responsible for them.

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