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Preparing your sales talk

When you are preparing a presentation or marketing or sales material, always ask yourself these four questions:

1. Did you do your homework?
How much time do you take researching a prospect before your initial contact? Following
several presentations at a bi-annual Asia–Pacific conference for a charitable organisation, one of their Australian managers made this comment:
‘Debbie, the most important point I’m taking home from you isn’t one you mentioned, it’s what you vividly demonstrated throughout this conference. It hit me that I wasn’t doing any research before going to talk to prospective business partners or donors. I just front up at the meeting, talk about us and ask for donations or support. It is now clear to me that we can be much more successful by understanding them more. Putting their shoes on. Empathising how we can be of help to them also.’
2. Whom are you addressing?
Take their position, their gender and their background into consideration. A roomful of C-level executives don’t want details, they just want the answers.
3. What are you ‘selling’?
Remember it’s not just your product/service; it’s the solution to their problem. You could be selling piece of mind when, physically, it’s a simple fire alarm.
4. How much time do you have?
If you only have five minutes to present for a sale, each second has a dollar value based on the price of the sale. Don’t waste it with pleasantries or thanks. On a million dollar sale, ‘I’m glad to be here’ could cost you $10,000 worth of time.


Start with your conclusion. In other words, they’re already enjoying the benefits of the purchase.

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