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Categorise your contacts

Targeting = success.
Getting the right communication to the right person at the right time increases your success.

If you keep customer information in Contacts in Outlook or Lotus Notes, use your ability to categorise them to enable you to target with a click. There are preset categories, but more useful is the capacity to create your own. Better yet, you can assign multiple
categories to each contact.

With Categories, you can finely target specific customers by creating categories such as industry, occupation, interest, purchase and service. To target,
simply sort by category.

How do I create a category?
Outlook 2002–3
Open any Outlook contact. In the bottom centre, you’ll see the rectangular Categories box. Click to open. Ignore the pre-programmed Microsoft ones. Click the Master Category List button and type in your own. To view your contacts grouped by categories, go to
View > Current View, then Categories.

Office 2007
Ribbon > Options > Categorise

Lotus Notes
Categories is in the contacts section.

With Outlook, after you sort by categories, you can highlight the group and do either a mail merge or a personalised email merge to them. Tools > Mail Merge.

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