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Basics rule

Mark Fryer, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand
Unless you’re a great stylist – and few people are – stick with the basics: short aentences; each sentence making just one point; active construction (‘The cat sat on the mat’, not ‘The mat was sat on by the cat’); simple words. When you’re done, try reading your work out loud; if you stumble, it’s a good sign that you need to rethink what you’ve written.

Keep it short. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was fewer than 300 words and had an enormous impact. Just because what you have to say is important, doesn’t mean you have to expend a lot of words to say it.

Plain talking
Jargon is contagious, but do your best to avoid it. Why say ‘going forward’ when ‘will’ says exactly the same thing? Why say profit was ‘negatively impacted’ when you mean profit ‘fell’? Often, jargon is used to make writing – and the writer – seem important.
Sometimes, it’s also used to hide the real meaning. Assuming that you want people to understand what you write, always ask yourself: Is there a simpler way of saying this?

Debbie here. Beware industry jargon also, especially on your website. You must use the words your customers and readers would use. For example, in the club industry, there are many different sports groups that members belong to – such as bowls, euchre, fishing and snooker. Yet, on every website you get to these groups through a link called ‘Adjuncts’. No one outside of the club membership would know or understand what this term means.

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