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Mother bird your business writing

To streamline your communications for ease of reading (especially for busy people), use bullet points. With your bullet points, why not make a graphical statement that ties in with the message? A dentist could use toothbrushes and a doctor Bandaids, for instance.

How do you get creative? Your computer comes with fonts that have small pictures instead of letters. Some examples are Symbol, Wingdings, Holiday MT and Sports.

1. First create your bullet-pointed text with the default bullets.
2. Go to the drop-down Format menu and select Bullets and Numbering. Once that window opens, select Customize. In Office 2007, it’s on the Home menu.
3. Select Font and scroll down to your choice of picture font. Click OK.
4. Next, click on Bullet and you’ll find all the choices under that font. (At this time, you can scout around for other picture fonts.) Once you find the bullet point you want, you can also adjust the font size, colour and so on. You can even animate them now (marching red ants, Vegas lights, etc.).

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