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Letters to clients

If a letter to your client is not easy to read, clear, professionally executed and designed to catch interest, it could easily be binned.

Here are a few helpful hints:
Try not to use coloured paper. It makes it much harder to read (especially green and red). If you must, make sure you increase the font size.
Always write an interesting headline to capture the reader’s interest first (Tip 30 – Headlines make a difference).
Don’t Use Frilly Fonts, except sparingly, sparingly, sparingly. Think of frilly fonts as a
condiment to a meal – use just a touch to enhance.
If you’re going to photocopy the letter, don’t have large areas with black. Black doesn’t photocopy well and it will look fake rather than like a letter (so watch those logos).
Don’t make the letter too long.
Don’t make it all about me, me, me. Pack it with WIIFM’s (What’s In It For Me) for the clients.
Use contrast and size as a design tool in your letter. Bold gets noticed right away and a bigger type size means it’s a heading, so it’s important.

Nikki Christensen, CPSA of New South Wales, Australia
Nikki has similar advice for your emails: ‘Choose a font, colour and size which is easy to read. Avoid fancy backgrounds. They slow things down for those with slower connections, and they often make replies difficult to read.’

Extra bonus
Why not buy a book or take one or two out of the library? Two of my favourites are The Non-Designer’s Design Book, by Robin Williams, and Desktop Publishing by Design, by Ronnie Shushan and Don Wright.

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