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Your personal inbox secretary

Bet you didn’t know you had one, waiting for you to give the go-ahead to prioritise your emails – to answer them, file them in a folder, forward or delete them. Your inbox secretary is simply my name for the Rules/Filter function in your email program. You’ll
find it in the Tools menu.

When setting a Rule, you answer five questions:

1. Look for emails you are receiving or sending?
2. What to look for?
3. What to do with it?
4. Are there any exceptions?
5. When this rule is turned on, do you want to run it
through your inbox?

Here are a few ways I see this little email function having a dramatic impact:
1. Repetitive emails such as RSVPs, mail delivery errors and out-of-office auto replies go straight to folders.
2. It puts CC and BCC emails directly into a folder.
3. Delays sending out emails.
4. EAs multiple inboxes.

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