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Take out the images

Microsoft changed the rules for marketing emails back in 2003, but barely a soul has taken combative action yet. To hedge against viruses and hackers, they introduced the blockage of images (where this malice could be hidden). This means anyone receiving an
email with an image in it has to either pre-approve the sender, or right click the blank box with the red x where the image should be, to allow it to download. In this busy world we live in, unless someone is a raving fan, they’re not going to take the time for the
right click.

Astonishingly, if you look and count your incoming marketing emails, 99 out of 100 still have the top or the top left of the email splattered with graphics. Far worse, 999 out of 1000 times, the missing images knock all the text out of view too. So your recipients
see nothing but emptiness.


If you’re loath to remove images altogether, at least
move them from the top or left of the email to the right

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