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Them. Not you.

Almost every piece of marketing material – be it a proposal, sales presentation or newsletter – that I see has the wrong focus. Your prospects care only about
themselves, yet most marketing material centres on how wonderful ‘we’ are. How great ‘we’ do. Send this chest-thumping, guerrilla-marketing philosophy packing. Replace it with a customer-centric ‘What’s in it for them?’ point of view. How will it make them more successful? How will it make them happier? How will it make them more money?

If you’re doing a newsletter, here are three tips to maximise your results:

1. Make it worthwhile for them
Like the name implies, it’s news. It’s information; it’s something of value to your readers. It doesn’t have to be long or more frequent than monthly. Undoubtedly, the more information you have that is relevant to them – not you – the more your newsletter will be forwarded to others and the fewer people you’ll have unsubscribing.
2. Their shoes, not yours
Ensure that everything you write focuses on making ‘them’ more successful. Review and eliminate I’s, we’s and us’s, rewriting in terms of benefits from your reader’s perspective. Write with personality – people do business with people. Wrong: ‘We have the best.’
Right: ‘You enjoy the best.’
3. Target
Get enough information from individuals when they sign up to allow you to target. Don’t make people read items that aren’t pertinent to them. The extra work in creating different editions and separating your email list will be worth it. Running a seminar in Auckland? Only mention it in the version that goes to the region within a drivable distance. Yes,
this consumes time, but I promise you, your email list will grow and grow. You’ll also be growing one of the most valuable business assets today – a targeted database.

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