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Quantify. Money talks. Fluff walks.

Put a dollar value on how they’ll benefit. Measure their rate of return. This exercise is easier than you might think. Will your product/service save them time? Put a value on it by estimating how much time it will save per annum, multiplied by the value of that
person’s time (their wage per hour/salary).

Can you reduce stress? Does that lead to happier employees, helping to reduce turnover? You can quantify the recruitment costs saved along with the productivity continuum. Can you help them make more sales or increase turnover? Take the average value of
one sale (you can even factor in the lifetime value of that one new client), multiplied by the number of new ones expected.

You can get the base information any number of ways: from research on the Internet, their competitors and annual reports; or by talking to HR professionals about salary levels, colleagues in that industry and allies
within that company.

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