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Web 2.0: the modern water fountain

I went online to hunt for tourist information for Belize, a port of call on a cruise I was going to take. As it turned out, a popular activity was cave tubing. The search results came up with a vast number of comments posted on different user-generated content sites. People worldwide detailed their tubing experiences, rated different tubing operators and uploaded photos and videos. Importantly, there was nothing in the search results from any of the actual cruise operators, like Royal Caribbean, Carnival or Costa.

Assured by the good word of mouth I read and a convincing website, I booked with Jimmy of Don’t you think it’s significant that an individual, without the normal resources we take for granted, whose clientele is singularly international, could create a thriving business using only the Internet? That he competed so magnificently
against the Goliaths of business – the cruise industry?

Are you doing what Jimmy did correctly?
a. Have a website name with what you do in it (, in this instance).
b. Put videos on the website showing exactly what customers will experience.
c. Be easy to do business with (no money down, just an email to book).
d. Provide good service and a great customer experience.
e. Utilise the power of user-generated comments.
f. Ask all customers at the end of the tour if they enjoyed themselves, and to post the comment online.
g. Reply within twelve hours, improving prospective customers’ feeling of confidence.

Be where your customers congregate. They are now online longer – discussing, commenting and interacting. With so many websites available for social commentary, you had better be sure your business always puts the best foot forward.

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