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Make an emotional connection

Lesson learnt from Patricia Fripp
While anyone can make an intellectual connection, you superstar your results by making an emotional connection. This can be accomplished using three techniques:

1. Eye contact
Make an eye-to-eye connection with your audience. Try to look at someone for an entire
sentence. If you’re speaking to a small group – presenting around the table to four people, for instance, each person gets an opening sentence.
2. I to you ratio
How much of your content is about you? Your company? Your accolades? A repetitive phrase of Ms Fripp’s is, ‘You’re not the hero’. Go through your presentation and remove as many I’s and we’s as you can.
3. Stories
We all tell stories, but often we think to minimise details rather than expand on them. Telling a good story is an excellent way to illustrate your point, or to be the metaphor of what you’re trying to convey. It works beautifully and is much more persuasive
than killing your audience with thou shalts or PowerPoint bullets.

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