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What audiences really want

Let me share a humiliating personal experience I went through early in my speaking career.

I was one of the keynote speakers at the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Queensland annual conference. My presentation was well received by the members – I could tell by the volume of books sold during morning tea. This told me they bought into the 101_qt_message on how to grow a more profitable business. I was a happy, glowing lady. Until lunch was over, that is, when the next speaker took the stage.

Whereas my presentation was content rich – filled with ideas and how-to’s – the next speaker had few how-to answers, but he had them rolling in the aisles, laughing. Right after his presentation, he had almost every single supplier/sponsor running up to him, brandishing their cards and saying he must speak at their conference. They didn’t do that to me.

Audiences don’t want lots of content. Yes, you must have practical take-home points, but equally important: you must be funny and entertaining.

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