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Humour to fit your persona

If you are not naturally funny, you’ll crumble at the thought of adding humour. I’ve read umpteen books on the how-to but, as my daughter Samantha said in an exasperated breath (as I stopped to look through just one more book), ‘What’s the point, Mom?’ You can know the how-to, but if it’s not naturally in you, the how-to still won’t put one-liners and quips in your head.

Props work, such as funny graphics. Laughing at yourself works, as does poking fun at your oddities or shortcomings. Highlight the things your kids tease you about. Another area to exploit is problems in common with your audience. Throw in something about the partner, pets, teens . . .

I used to show a picture of our six children, then launch straight in to the business point of not treating customers the same. Now I ask first, ‘Why did I show you this picture?’ After a pregnant pause, I answer my question with: ‘To make you feel real sorry for me.’
Instant laughter. Then I launch into the business point.

When giving examples, work in threes. Have the third one unexpected and funny. One that I use is, ‘Have you ever heard something life changing? Will you marry me? The job is yours. Shoes, 50% off’. I use this last line when there are a lot of females in the audience
and it always gets a laugh. By the way, a stand-up comedian wrote that for me.

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