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Seven tips for speaking to the media

1. The media want sound bites of around ten seconds. Keep your answer brief and memorable.
2. Don’t rehearse your answer, you’ll simply sound unnatural.
3. Consciously think of three key messages you want to get across. Fit them in wherever you can, it doesn’t even have to be in answer to the question asked.
4. You don’t have to answer right away. Take a breath and use that 1–2 seconds to collect your thoughts.
5. If you get a sticky question, you can answer along the lines of, ‘I’ll come back to that question but what I would like to say is . . .’ (slotting in the message you want recorded).
6. Interviews are used to add opinion and emotion to a story. Delivering an answer with strong emotion can enhance the sense of belief in what you are saying.
7. Ask for a brief, off-the-record chat before the camera rolls, so that you can assess what the slant might be.

Mark Fryer, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand
If you get a call from a reporter and you’re sure you
don’t want to comment, don’t. Full stop. You don’t have
to be rude, but don’t do what some people do and say
‘I really can’t comment because . . .’ and assume that
the rest of the conversation is off the record.

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