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Create two presentations

Make one with a dark background and light fonts and the second with a light background and dark fonts. Every room is different, and lighting is crucial. If you have too much light shining directly where your PowerPoint is projected, dark backgrounds become washed out and the slide will be difficult to read.

Peter Sweetman, Eyewear Design, New Zealand
If the same presentation is going to be used in a variety of environments or situations, save two versions. One full of animations, which are designed to fill out time while you are giving your presentation, the second a slimmed-down version for when you know you have limited time but still want to make a good impression. Save your PowerPoint as a
PowerPoint show (.pps) and create a shortcut on your desktop. With one double-click, your presentation is in view.

Using the Slide Master (see Tip 71) allows you to accomplish this as quick as a blink.

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