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Screen shot it

If you’re using images or screen shots, crop, crop, crop whenever you can. You do this to focus your audience’s attention on the specific point you’re making and, of course, to help those at the back see.

Avoid live demos
I never, and I mean never, do presentations incorporating live demos or links from the Internet. First, this is because too often things go wrong. Second, avoiding links and demos saves time. Third, for audience focus as mentioned above. While live, you’re constrained to showing the whole webpage – bad news for the people at the back of the room. A better way is to prepare your presentation, go through each step of the demo (first capture it with a screen shot), then crop the screen shot to enlarge and focus on the point at hand. The audience will love you for it.

Screen shots are as simple as hitting the PrtScn button and Control + V to paste into a PowerPoint slide, then selecting the screen shot and trimming it (Crop from the Picture toolbar). Then stretch to fit the slide.

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