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Three salary negotiation tips

1. What are your vital stats?
By how much did you increase sales and/or productivity at your last job? Know your finest figures and use them to demonstrate the benefits you’ll bring to their company. If possible, do this by quoting what others have said about you. For example: ‘My previous manager, Joe Black, said the 20% increase in productivity I attained in six months was a record!’
2. Excited? Let them know!
Enthusiasm is priceless. Show them you’re excited about the role and they’ll be more inclined to make the figures stack to get that great energy on board.
3. Don’t name your price before they name theirs.
Let them put the first offer in and then work from there. Research exactly what the role will expect of you, and what comparable roles are paying, on average. When it comes to talk of salary, this knowledge will increase your confidence and provide sound reasoning behind your requests.

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