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SMS text message ideas

With every person under the age of 30 texting continually, and even grandparents accustomed to receiving text messages now, it is absolutely a-okay to use text messages for a variety of business purposes:

An appointment or meeting
Time to meet.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow/later at 3.00.
Time for a quarterly review. Let’s set a time.

Recurring business
You are due for a quarterly/annual review.
Don’t forget to renew your …
New product or service that will be of interest/ benefit to you.

A client’s return visit
Your car is due for servicing.
Your website needs updating.
Your teeth are due for a clean.
Your cat needs its vaccination.
New menu, new product.

Business in general
Thanks for dining with us. Come in next Monday for a buy one, get one free dinner. (Build goodwill and fill empty seats on a slow night.)
Thanks for becoming a client. Tell us about this text on your next visit for $5 off.
Your stocked item should be running out, please reorder.
New service starting.
Run a quiz or contest with employees online.

Come up with ways to prompt people. If it’s time for you to see them, send a text. Think of ways to bring clients back to you for repeat business.

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