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Qualify up front

Sarah Reilly, ITNZ, New Zealand
The following tweak moved Sarah from minimum wage to more than $40k per annum commission while working only 14–17 hours a week.

The trick is simply to ascertain up front (pleasantly) if the customer meets your sales criteria before they realise you’re a telemarketer. It could save up to an hour per shift.

Wrong way: ‘Hello, my name is . . . and I’m calling from . . . Have you heard of us before? We are [insert company history – *yawn*] and we’re currently trying to locate mortgage holders in the area. Would you fall into that category?’

Right way and conversation launcher: ‘Hi, it’s Sarah calling from Home Loan Solutions. We’re just trying to locate mortgage holders in your area this evening; would you happen to have a mortgage on the home there?’ With the right tone of voice, and by speaking
clearly and not too fast, this gets an excellent response, because you’ve given them a concise yes or no question. The conversation is now on your terms.

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