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Effective Communication Tips

If you like these quick tips, they're from the book 101 Quick Tips: Effective Communication. Take a look now.


Respect leads to engagement
End your conversation with.
Conversation: you never know where it will lead you
Make a connection in meetings
Improving conversations
Have killer questions prepared
Seven tips for speaking to the media
Be definitive
Eliminate constant self-deprecation
Eight body language no-no's
Stop, think, act. Don't react.
Easing into a crowded room
Invent a new word to attract the media's attention
The greatest gift


From good to spectacular
Preparing your sales talk
Finding new business
Attention to your web enquiries
Categorise your contacts
Adding on to a sale
Project progression chart
Send information before a meeting
Get more of the same business
Personalise your LinkedIn defaults
How to use Twitter effectively


The follow-up note
Basics rule
Set a deadline
Use words well
Headlines make a difference
Mother bird your business writing
Letters to clients


Personalised email merge
Your personal inbox secretary
Take out the images
View all activity with a contact
Action or information
Three ideas to maintain and grow your email list
Emails live forever
Your signature as a marketing tool
You only have a few seconds
Sort emails by conversation
How to reduce event no-shows
Marketing emails and newsletters. To PDF or not to PDF?


Them. Not you.
The C.R.A.P-ier, the better
Lesson from an -year-old
Quantify. Money talks. Fluff walks.
Database goldmine
Make your offer a good one
How many clients did you say?
Focus your advertising
Communicate well through your website
Web : the modern water fountain
Get your employees' buy-in on communication
Define your ultimate benefit
Words, not images, get your website found


The Great Patricia Fripp
Make an intellectual connection
Make an emotional connection
How to improve your storytelling skills
It's not about you
What audiences really want
Humour to fit your persona
Google Images are great for humour
How to memorise a speech
Loop your audience
Meet your audience
Get a message
Move with purpose!


Set up a Master
Create two presentations
Switch back to an earlier slide
Visuals with your text
Screen shot it
Always, always prepare for disaster
Outline view
Remove your branding
Cool presentation tricks


Obtaining information normally not disclosed
Four self-employed negotiation tips
Write it down
Know thy opponent
Three rules to achieve sustainable results
Be ready to walk away
Face to face is best
Four negotiating must-do's
Negotiate in their perspective
Three salary negotiation tips


Better success with referrals
Schmooze the PA
SMS text message ideas
Unwanted phone calls
Make the caller feel welcome
Calling back
Repeat your phone number
Turn enquiries into customers
Intrigue them
Qualify up front
Specific target or not?
The power of numbers and the subconscious

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