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Your Eight Business Success Tips

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Your Eight Business Success Tips

1. Focus on Your Most Profitable Income Producing Activity
It is so easy to spin your wheels and spend a lot of time on activities in your business that don't provide the best return.successful email marketing book by Debbie Mayo-SmithDon't spin your wheels on every single money making activity you can think of. Your time is limited and valuable.

So look at all the activities you do. Focus on the ones that show you more money (ala Jerry McGuire).

2. Gain Celebrity
People like celebrities. They like being around or associated with people that are famous. So become famous. Become an expert in your field. Write articles and submit it to magazines that your target market is reading. And don't guess at that - you'd be surprised. Ask your clients. Whenever I do a workshop - one of the questions on the evaluation form is what magazines do you read. You can do it too. Let it be part of a survey you conduct.

The more your clients and your prospective clients see your name, the more famous they'll think you are, the more of an expert you become in their eyes. You see, your celebrity will rub off on them as one of your clients. This stands for every single person reading this newsletter. Financial service advisers, corporate executives, managers, entrepreneurs. The more often your name is out there (so to speak) the more opportunities will arise of journalists calling you for quotes, or more.

The more you promote yourself and get in the press, the higher your celebrity and expert status becomes. You'll get more clients, and get higher fees.

3. Market More in a Downturn
Be very clever. During slow periods in the economy, one of the first activities to go is marketing, publicity and promotion. If you're smart, you'll take this as an incredible opportunity to do the opposite, gain recognition and market share from your competition. It doesn't have to be solely through advertising in the press - it's a great time to start using email as your workhorse. Email newsletters can help you stay in touch, keep your name in front of your clients and prospects, spur referrals, give you that "expert" status I spoke of above, sell your goods and services and improve your customer service.

4. Email - You Must, Must, Must, Must do it Right
I will not harp on you about email. It is one of the most valuable business tools you can employ. But you can blow it royally by not doing it correctly. You must:

  • Think and build relationships - don't go after a one night stand
  • Target correctly
  • Think customer first
  • Be very, very, very, very careful about "cool" technology - it might turn around and bite you in the bum instead
  • Don't inundate
  • Graphic simplicity is the name of the game
  • Track, measure and respond
  • Be clever, don't follow the pack
  • Develop an outstanding database of your own

5. Get Some New Best Business Friends
I'm talking about those with huge email databases. 1 + 1 = much more than 2 when you join marketing forces with someone with a large permission database. Think of clever joint ventures you can do, companies in synergy with you, complementary where you can cross market services to each other.

Several months ago I had a meeting with the Manager of Hamner Springs Hot Pools. I suggested that the town get together - hotels, restaurants, the Hot Pools, each developing their own databases. Then one of the activities they can do is cross promote to each others lists. In fact the last time I spoke in Rotorua I stayed at the Millennium and in my room was a voucher for a free ticket to the Royal Polynesian Hot Pools. This is very clever and very inexpensive marketing. Do it!!! And don't forget to think outside the square.

6. Anything You Want to Know is on the Internet
Use the Internet for research. Find out about your competition here and abroad. Check out your competition's websites. Grab the logo or corporate colours of your prospect to put on the quote you're preparing for them. Get a source of information to put in your newsletter. Get ideas, inspiration, information and more. Just be clever about searching. is an excellent search engine. Use it. They also have an image search by the way. It's great.

7. Try to Achieve Balance
I was speaking at a National Conference earlier this year. I'll never forget sitting in on a session when another speaker said something like - "Life is like a bank account in the sky - but you never know what the balance is". This really hit home.

The other day I read an article went on to say that you know what happens when you devote your life to a corporation for 20 years and you pass away? They go out and hire someone the next day.

A few months ago my eldest daughter Samantha had a new friend over. This child said to me "oh hi. Sam says you're on the computer all the time" (and where was I - on the computer)!

So please, try to enjoy life a bit more. Try to spend more time with your children and partner (if you have). Kids grow up fast, people get sick unexpectedly and die. Can you honestly say right now that you're happy, you love what you do and that you're family is happy with you?

8. Be a Better Marketer of What You Do Than a Doer of What You Do
I guess this is really the summation of the seven points above isn't it?

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