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101 Quick Tips Surviving the KidsIf you like these quick tips, they're from the book 101 Quick Tips for Google and Email. Take a look now.

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Program Wide

1 Which Should I Use Outlook Or Outlook Express?
2. Any Tricks For More Comfortable Reading On My Computer?
3. Any Tricks To Quickly Attach A File To An Email?
4. How Can I Move details From An Email?
5. What Is The Shortcut To Create New Items?
6. What Is The Quick Way To Move Or Copy Items?
7. Am I Safe When I Delete An Email?
8. Is There A Quick Way To Get To My Folders?
9. My Mouse Bugs Me.  Do I Have An Alternative?
10. Are There Shortcuts To Move Between Folders?
11. Other Common Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know And Love


12. What’s The Secret For Coping With 100’s Of Emails?
13. Oops! I Forgot The Attachment. Can I Do Anything?
14. How Will I Know Rules Are Working?
15. Can I Answer Emails When I’m Away From Home Or Office?
16. Any Suggestions For Dealing With All My CC’s?
17. I Get Extraneous Emails. Can I Do Anything?
18. How Can I Be Sure Website Enquiries Get Priority Attention?
19. How Can I Track Staff Handling Of Web Enquiries?
20. Our PA Forwards Emails To Staff. Can We Improve On This?

Junk Mail

21. Help Me!!! I’m Fed Up With Junk Mail
22. How Do I Stop Flurries of Similar Spam?
23. Junk Mail Is Varied And Still Getting Through
24. I Have Outlook 2003/7 And Still Too Much Spam Is Getting By.
25. Can I Quickly Create A Rule Based On Spam I Just Received?


26. How Do I Keep My Email Recipients Secret?
27. Can I Be More Organised In My Inbox?
28. How Do I Speed Up Outlook?
29. I Can’t Find Where My Archives Are Stored
30. Must I Archive Everything?
31. How Do I Make Special Emails Stand Out?
32. Any Shortcuts To Repetitively Typing My Contact Details On Emails I Send?
33. Can I Choose Which Folders To Search Through?
34. How Can I Tell If Someone Read My Email?
35. Is There Any Way I Can Ban Receiving Large Files?
36. How Do I Speed Up Reading My Emails?
37. Several People Emailing From One Computer?
38. Is There A Shortcut To Reply To An Email?
39. Where Does Outlook Store All The Data?
40. How Can I Check My Spelling?
41. Is There A Shortcut To Quickly Forward The Email I’m Reading?
42. Can Everyone Receive The Colourful Emails I Send?
43. I Have So Many Folders. Can I Arrange Them Differently?
44. How Is Reply Different To Reply To All?
45. How Do I Move Email Addresses From Excel To An Email?
46. What Are Search Folders? (Office 2003 - 2007)


47. Is There An Aid To Help Me Remember To Follow Up?
48. What Can I Do On A Task?
49. Should I Use Tasks Or Flags?
50. How Do I Accept Or Decline A Task?
51. Can I Create A Task From An Email?
52. Can I Change A Task Into An Email?
53. How Can I Make Sure I Get An Answer?
54. How Can I Use Tasks To Stay In Touch?
55. How To Get Those Reports To You On Time
56. How To Always Remember Important Deadlines
57. I Have So Many Tasks. How Can I Make Sense Of Them?


58. Are Contacts Simply An Address Book?
59. How Do I Create A New Category?
60. How Do I Apply Categories To Lots Of Contacts At Once?
61. Can I Do A Personalised Email/Mail Merge With My Contacts?
62. Can I Only Merge To Email With Contacts?
63. Do I Need To Use This New Business Contact Manager?
64. What If My Contact Has More Than One Email Address?
65. Can I Create My Own Unique Contact Field?
66.Can I Show Different Contact Information?
67. Can I Group My Contacts Differently?
68. How Do I Send My Contact Details?
69. How Do I Quickly Create A New Contact From An Email?
70. Can I Print My Contacts?
71. How Do I Create & Print A List Of Names And Email Addresses From My Contacts?
72. Must I Have Last Names Displayed First?
73. Help! My Address Book Stopped Working!
74. Is There A Quick Way To Create A New Contact From The Same Company?
75. Any Tricks For Browsing Through Contacts?
76. When I Start Typing An Email Address – Why Does It Fill In?
77. I Can’t Find That Email I Received From….
78. Are There Any Contact Shortcuts I Should Know About?

Calendar Organising Your Day and Future

79. Why Would I Use Calendar If I Don’t Work Or Have Meetings?
80. Can I Change My Meeting Prompts?
81. How Can I Make Important Meetings Stand Out?
82. Can I Print A Blank Calendar?
83. Can I View Non-Adjacent Days In My Calendar?
84. Can I Have Both My Calendar And Inbox Showing?
85. How Do I Change The Look Of My Calendar?
86. Will Calendar Recognise Tomorrow?
87. Can I Number The Weeks In Calendar?
88. How Do I Quickly Change An Appointment Time?
89. How Do I Schedule A Meeting With Someone In Another Time Zone?
90. Can I Use My Email Signature In Meeting Requests?
91. Great Calendar Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Google And The Internet Finding The Needle In The Haystack

92. Egads. What Are My Kids Looking At On The Internet?
93. There’s So Many Search Engines. Which Should I Use?
94. How Does Google Decide Which Website To Show First?
95. Know Any Google Tricks?
96. Google Trick Two
97. I Need A Graphic To Print
98. Your Top Website Problem
99. What Else Does Google Offer?
100. Is There A Good Mapping Service On The Internet?
101. Help! I Waste So Much Time Looking For Files.



This article is copyright to Debbie Mayo-Smith & SuccessIS. You may use it for your newsletter, website or as an article. It can be reproduced - but in its entirety and with inclusion of Debbie Mayo-Smith as the author and the weblink


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