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Emulate This Heroine Of Database Marketing -

Can you do this?

Background information
I spoke at two wonderful conferences two weeks ago. One was Cruiseco whose members are the top 100 Australian travel agencies selling cruises. I met my new heroine at Cruiseco.

As always I conducted background research. Both a preconference online survey and personal telephone calls to members and suppliers. I always ask about databases and marketing.

Discovered - a heroine of clever database thinking and activation.
After three different Cruise line Sales Mangers said "Debbie, you should call Carole of Bicton" I did just that. Here is Carole's story. By the way Bicton is a suburb of Perth Western Australia.

Spectacular Growth
"Debbie, I started my travel company about seven years ago. We had two staff members. Today I have seven consultants and I can attribute it all to our database and how we work with it. Since we started using the database properly our business has grown threefold."

Info in a database
"Tell me about it Carole" I asked. "Well, about five years ago we decided to put in an industry database. I figured since we have to enter data when we make bookings for clients, we might as well enter it into a database. We keep their passport numbers, their travel preferences, their club numbers. We have been told innumerable times by clients that they love coming in, being recognised by us and never again having to be asked or supply that information again like they did repeatedly with other travel agents. This has helped spread the word of mouth and keeps us growing and growing"

"Steve from Orion Cruises said you had a successful marketing campaign. Can you tell me about it" I asked Carole.

"Well Silverseas had a luxury cruise departing Singapore. One of the fields in my database is travel preference - such as deluxe, moderate. I thought why not target this cruise to the right people? I was able to immediately sort through whom would be a prime candidate for an expensive luxury cruise. I then reviewed the list and sent out 24 letters, personally inviting them to look at the cruise brochure (which I enclosed) as I thought it was something they'd be interested in.

13 of those 24 people booked the cruise."

My guess - over $10,000 earned from a $34.80 investment (24 letters at $1.45 postage).

Points to take from this story

  1. People are in information overload. The more targeted you are, the more success you'll have.
  2. Information in a database + clever thinking = successful targeting
  3. Databases are not just for collecting info. You keep them to use them and profit from them.
  4. A good database helps increase the goodwill value of your business if you ever want to sell it.
  5. Database information you keep should also be relevant to your client - not just you. What business they've done with you - is relevant to you, not them.
  6. Do you have customer service and relationship building information? Such as family, employment, job type, industry, age, interests? But this is a future article to write.


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