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Even your simple emails might not get through

Last month our service provider accidentally sent two copies of Quick Tips to everyone. Perhaps it was a knee jerk reaction, but I sent a follow up apology to everyone in plain text, rather than a colourful email.

Lessons Learnt
While only 25-35 people complained or unsubscribed (out of 13,700), the overwhelming number of replies saying no problem, or we love the newsletter was a surprise. It took me over a week to reply and thank those that responded (I felt compelled to since they took the time).

Lesson 1
Never underestimate the vast amount of goodwill a regular, informative, un 'me,me,me' newsletter can generate for your business.

Stunned and scared
What I never expected though were the number of people that wrote in saying 'what email are you talking about; or I haven't heard from you in a while'. I thought 'how can they not be receiving the Quick Tips? I put each newsletter through a vigorous spam check, and know to write circumspectly.' Additionally the original email had over 1200 bounces. When I sent the apology email to the very same list only several hours later, there were only 177 bounces. How many more aren't being delivered?

Lesson 2
Ever wonder why you're not getting replies to your normal email correspondence? The screws are wound tighter each day, especially with large companies. Learn what you can about spam filters, but then again - don't bet on it. The latest stat's for 2005 is 22% of permission email isn't being delivered (with emails going into junk folders or not being delivered). The worst is Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail as you would have guessed.

Learn More
If you're interested in learning more about filters and getting past them, I have several chapters in my book Successful Marketing Your Complete 'How-To' Guide. Sorry, couldn't resist the plug.

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