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Working With Your Keyboard

Working With Your Keyboard

This is an incredibly marvelous computer tip you'll love
While doing research for my new workshops and writing the manual (a 200 page 'how-to'er' that I'm giving without charge to workshop attendees), I came across one of the many 'oh my goodness' tips that I've put in the workshops and manual.

It's been nagging me for years. I always knew all those underlined letters in any Microsoft Menu tolcomputer keyboard shortcuts, software tips moused us that this was the 'letter' to press to get to a shortcut. But I never knew how to get them to work! A menu is the one with all the commands like File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Format... You might have known a few shortcuts here and there - but this tip extends your knowledge further.

Want to know how to use your keyboard instead of your mouse to do things?

You first place focus on your menu bar by pressing ALT. The menu is the strip across the top of programs with all the commands like File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Format...

The menu you want is then opened by pressing the underlined letter. Such as 'F' for File or 'V' for View, 'A' for Table.' ALT + F ' or 'ALT + V'

Continuing on, you select a menu command by pressing the next underlined letter (You don't have to press ALT again). So pressing 'A' next would execute Save As in the File menu.
'ALT + F + A' from the explanation above would enable you from the keyboard to open the file menu, then save (as) a document you're working on.

If you think carefully about this - with the knowledge of ALT now you can do so much more without your mouse and thus work so much swifter than you could before.

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