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It's getting harder. We've got to be smarter.

I've been agonizing over this month’s contribution for the past few weeks. Because there's a subject I want to talk about that no one else is, but I don't want to scare people off.

The dilemma
How should we write our emails so they get read? I just said in front of 600+ audience in Auckland to write with personality, write succinctly and not only about your company or yourself. So how can we give a dash of personality to make reading fun, yet not tiresome? Everyone's busy. Everyone's overloaded. You don't want too many stories, yet without writing with pictures and putting personality and style in - it becomes to utterly boring. It's a fine line to tread.

All of us want to push our wheel barrows in our newsletters. I want to scream from the rooftops - come to my workshops, hire me as a speaker, buy the book. But if I did only that in my normal email newsletters- I'd get nothing more than thousands of delete keys. I will try to market - but subtly I hope. It's all a very fine line of balancing. Isn't it?

Don't be afraid
Make your regular communications full of valuable information for your audience. Don't be afraid of giving away your intellectual property. Give and you'll get back. Ahh, but many say - "Debbie, how can I write information that is my specialty? Information I'd normally charge for? It doesn't make sense to give it away for free or leave it open to my competitors in one form or another." But to keep that oh so valuable permission - to keep your name in someone's inbox, you must give.

3 caveats for your success
So I thought I'd share 3 very important "higher thinking" tips with you this month. The proliferation of viruses and also junk email from the unreputable around the world is making it harder. We've got to be smarter.

  1. Your subject line is more crucial than ever before
    A 2002 American online survey of US e-mail users, through Greenfield Online, in Q1 determined that 52% of respondents will delete an e-mail from an unrecognized name without even opening it, whereas 3% will do the same from a permission e-mail marketing company. In terms of permission e-mail in particular, survey respondents say only 40% of it is actually valuable, and another 40% is deleted without being read. In my view this stat is so high because so many emails are the screaming "me, me, me" kind, Debbie. (Source eMarketer) You can imagine how these stat’s have skyrocketed lately.

If you would like to read the entire article with all the stat's - I've put it on our website, so click here

To up your chances of getting read, make sure you make your subject line - which is akin to a headline for a magazine or newspaper article or advertisement - work for you!!!. You've got only 35 spaces that will show up in an inbox. Use it judiciously.

  1. A regular conversation with clients and prospects
    Build relationships. Don't think of email marketing as this magic, cheap bullet to shoot out through your inbox (where you'll absolutely have multiple email addresses for lots of people) for a quick sale. Rather I promise success if you think of it as a fabulous vehicle for you to hold a regular conversation (in a personal concise way) to an ever expanding circle of clients and prospects. People do business with people, not companies. People read email in a different way than other media - so talk to your readers. Concentrate on building permission to keep in contact with them - until they're ready for your services or products. Work hard to think of and find interesting information.

  2. Write with firewalls in mind
    Here's a real top tip for you.
    One no one dares talk about. A few weeks ago I had a scary, lovely and long conversation with one of the founders and technical minds behind Mail Marshall - a top email firewall company.I think it's important that while you are writing your emails with personality and style, you also must, like Charles Atlas, hold a big burden on your shoulders. That's trying to get past the corporate firewalls (depending on your market of course).

Put yourself in the shoes of a corporate I.T. Manager. What is he thinking, what are the goals of the company? Well I'll tell you. The three primary concerns are 1) viruses 2) employee productivity 3) keeping spam out.

If your emails contain any scripts - such as those that run Flash animation, big corporates are probably baring them (that's where viruses are hidden). If you use the word "fr-e, che-p, s-x" etc (I dare not use them!!!), well that can't be about work can it? Zing, you've never reached your target.

Are you using Blind carbon copy or a list server? Well that's a chain letter or a bulk email - so it can't have a thing to do with employee productivity. Zing you're out.-The way around this is to use personalisation software - check out my article on Coloradosoft email merging below.

Do you have "pass this on to a friend" in your email? Well again, this can't have anything to do with productivity so zap - you're never served to the recipient.

So think about your words. Carefully. Substitute phrases. And the saddest part my friend is you don't even know if your email will be deleted or not - because most IT Managers have a policy of not telling you. Why? Because that's how the spam monsters work. They keep sending until they get a reply.

Debbie Mayo-Smith (BSc Hons Econ) is an International Motivational Business Speaker and Managing Director of SuccessIS! (http://www.successis.co.nz) and a leading specialist in easy practical ways to improve business profitability, personal productivity and Internet marketing. Debbie lives in NZ and travels the world speaking, writing and training. By the way, if you'd like to get lots of neat tricks like this, plus marketing and business development tips, why not enrol for our free newsletter?

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