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Grabbing Your Audience

Picture the scene. Palm trees are waving slightly in the calm breeze as I munch on my Mediterranean salad and enjoy the breeze and peace. If you hadn’t realized yet, we, or should I say I am sitting at a café on Caville street in Surfer’s Paradise. I just shoved my three older kids into Ripley’s “Believe it or not” for an hour, so I have a moment to myself. Did any of that really interest you? Probably not. Why? Because it was all about me, and not you. But when writing for emails in the form of marketing, it’s not about you or I, it’s about them.

But in saying this, you need to add some extra bits that will add weight, entice and attract attention, so I’ll tell you more about my experience and what prompted this article. I was in Surfers to speak at a conference. Being curious, I went to the opening keynote session.

The speaker started the presentation talking about herself. And kept on talking about herself. Her history, resume etc. 10 minutes on – it’s still all “me, me, me”. Though I had been looking forward to hearing the presentation, after 3 minutes I tuned out. At minute 10 I walked out (don’t worry – I had sat in the very last row so I didn’t make a commotion leaving). One very nice women told me she thought it had been a good presentation. I didn’t give it that kind of a rating. But it could have been fabulous – starting at minute 20. I’ll never know. Think about your business writing. You’ve gotta grad your audience by the you know what immediately or they’ll flick their pinky and hit that delete key quicker than you can say – “No, don’t!!!!!!!”

But back to the swaying palm trees- but poolside now. I spent much of my spare time watching the kids in the pool and putting together screen shot examples for my new advanced email-marketing workshop. I had 500 marketing emails that our newsletter readers sent to me from all over the world. (I had asked everyone to send me samples from their Inbox). After ploughing through about 100 examples I was just so incredulous. Most of the emails were so mediocre. So boring. So poorly done. So lacking in thought. They hadn’t thought about writing or designing to be “read”.

Writing for email marketing has a few basic rules that will guarantee you success.

  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.
  • Eliminate as many “I’s” and “we’s” as possible.
  • Add as many “you’s” as possible.
  • Use titles and subtitles in your paragraphs to make them easy to skim.
  • Write in terms of benefits to them.
  • Look for ways to add value to your readers.
  • Don’t ramble on about yourself

Ok, so I did babble on about myself a bit and added the palm trees just for fun, but it did set the scene, and lay the foundation for this article. And really that is what it’s all about. Writing for business. Email marketing is not the place to bore your customers with your life story. You wouldn’t do it to your friends, when writing them a letter (at least I hope not), so don’t do it to your customers. At the same time, remember that they want to hear all about themselves, what they will benefit from you, how you can help them save, win, lose weight whatever. So, slip into a pair of their shoes and write them a “letter” with personality.

Debbie Mayo-Smith (BSc Hons Econ) is an International Motivational Business Speaker and Managing Director of SuccessIS! (http://www.successis.co.nz) and a leading specialist in easy practical ways to improve business profitability, personal productivity and Internet marketing. Debbie lives in NZ and travels the world speaking, writing and training. By the way, if you'd like to get lots of neat tricks like this, plus marketing and business development tips, why not enrol for our free newsletter?

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