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Kids Family Tips

101 Quick Tips Surviving the KidsIf you like these quick tips, they're from the book 101 Quick Tips Surviving the Kids. Take a look now.

Handy Home Hints

Birthday Party Invites
Photo Placemats
Spare Toiletries
Gift Vouchers
Lifesaving Lanyards
Save Time Leaving Home
Your Children as Art
Electric Toothbrushes
Gift Basket
Shopping with Kids
Family Diary 
Spray Conditioner to Detangle
Toy Libraries
Where’s the Remote Control?
Holiday Memories
Water Bottles
Cold Weather Fun

For Parents

Looking After YOUR Things
The Right Use of YOUR Time
Cooling Off
Embrace Computers
Use the Kids’ Sports Practice Time Productively
Get Fit and Stay Fit
Get Organised
Outlook Calendar at Home
Don’t Over-fill a Young Child’s Day
Laptops and Wireless Internet Connections at Home
Plan, Plan, Plan!
Learning About Software
Back Up YOUR Computer

Raising Kids

Don’t Waste Time and Energy Feeling Guilty
Teach YOUR Child
Get Some Fresh Air 
Work Together 
Au Pairs 
Happy Family or Show Home?
Days of the Week 
Teen Independence 
Try Separating Twins at Bedtime 
The Year Ahead 
Twins are Different from Each Other 
Lead by Example 
Double Trouble 
Colouring Books 
YOUR Actions and Words 
Babysitting Club 


Getting Kids to Do Chores 
Refresh Instead of Wash 
Dirty Pots 
Roll YOUR Clothes 
Children and Chores 
Laundry Pegs in the Kitchen 
Build Exercise into YOUR Routine

Christmas & The Holidays

Rainy Days 
Christmas Spirit 
Extend Christmas Fun 
Take Good Food when Travelling in the Car 
Holiday Stress 
Take Music on Car Trips 
School Holiday Acitivities 
Holiday Competition


Prepare Lunches Early 
Frozen Vegetables 
Difficult Eating Behaviour 
Buy a Decent-sized Freezer
Nutritional Education 
Make Double of Everything and Freeze It 
Melted Cheese Pita Bread 
Kids Will Eat When They Are Hungry 
Kids’ Combo Meals 
Kids Need Nutrition, Not Gourmet Spreads 
Mixed Cereals 
Classical Music at Mealtimes 
Supermarket Shopping Online 
Survive the Witching Hour

Babies & Toddlers

Toilet Training 
Children Dressing Themselves 
Moving to a Big Bed 
Buying Nappies Online
Accept Relationships with Inanimate Friends
Harnesses are Great and Not Inhumane 
Getting a Baby to Sleep


Screaming Children
Monitoring Internet Activity
Keep YOUR Word
Discipline Choices
Tantrums are Normal 
Pick Your Battles 
Monitoring Late Night Activity 

Saving Money

Homemade Cards
Homemade Wrapping-paper
Making a Money Box
Save Money on Movie Tickets 
Save Money on Nappies



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