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Let Your Compliments Flow Like Wine - Motivation

It's a terrible shame.
Very young children always get complimented, don't they? "Well done! You look so lovely! Aren't you clever?" As we age, the compliments that we receive AND GIVE, dry up. When is the last time you complimented your children? Your partner? Your employees or work mates? Your friends? Strangers in the elevator or while standing in line?

Don't wait for a disaster to happen before you show your appreciation to those in your inner circle. Make it a habit and extend it to everyone. You'll be rewarded greatly. You might have to overcome an inner shyness - but do. It's not hard to find something positive about every single person. Compliments are so rare, and it's a shame.

So when you are next in a line and think the person next to you has a neat haircut; your child did well with their homework; a work colleague looks especially nice, has a new perfume - tell them.

I try to do this all the time. I've never been regarded as weird by strangers and often the reward of a real rush of pleasure let's you know you've made someone's day.

PS - Men - you too!

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