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Holiday Time: How To Make A Music DVD With Your Digital Photos

Ever wanted to make a DVD movie of your digital photos set to music for friends and family?
You most likely have all the tools you need (but didn't know it).

Windows XP comes with a program called Movie Maker. It allows you (amoung other things) to synchronize your picture transition to the beat of your music, but more importantly, it allows you to precisely edit the timing of your slides and your music.

To open Movie Maker, click Start>All Programs> Accessories>Entertainment>Windows Movie Maker.

To load your pictures, movies etc and music you click File>Import into Collections.

At the bottom of the Movie Maker window is a timeline. You can drag the photos and music clips to the timeline to set the order you'd like. Then you can adjust the duration of each slide and edit the music. You'll have to match the duration of the slides to the beat of the music manually. You may have to play back the music repeatedly to note where each beat strikes the timeline, but it can be done.

For less involved slide shows, you can use Photo Story. It's free at the Microsoft site. Photo Story is easier to use than Movie Maker and still produces excellent slide shows. You can add transitions, captions, music tracks and voice-overs. You can even use different music for each slide. However, Photo Story does not give you exact editing or timing control.

To burn your final result to DVD, you need to follow the instructions that come with your DVD software.

* I found this great tip on the Kim Komando website http://www.komando.com

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