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There's no debate. Online Newsletters Win Hands Down

Are you producing your newsletter online? I can't imagine why not. Check out the advantages below and you be the judge.

The differences between online and print newsletters




Interactive -hyperlinks and responding  

When you receive an online newsletter – you can immediately and easily respond to calls to action through hyperlinks (such as Debbie or Successful Internet Strategies

You have to pick up a phone, fill out the form, post a letter, write and send a fax .


Immediate turnaround from production to distribution. Online newsletters are also easier to produce – often you use cut and paste and no graphics – thus making it quicker and more efficient to put together .

Print newsletters require waiting for printing and posting.


They’re far more cost effective to not only produce, but to distribute. You do not spend one penny on stamps, printing or time stuffing and folding .

Require a significantly higher level of money for both production, printing and distributing .

“The Look”

Here is the only relative disadvantage of electronic newsletters. They’re not glossy or pretty or as graphic as print newsletters. Ways of overcoming this obstacle?

1) Use html – allows colour, and text to be used for graphic impact.

2) Link to a website that hosts graphics – then you can cram the newsletter full of images.

3) Good headlines and text with scanability.

Yes, a well done newsletter can have superior visual appeal. But you certainly pay for it.


Email gets looked at immediately, usually upon receipt. Most individuals will save online newsletters (if valuable to them) and print it out for reading offline. Online newsletters get forwarded on to friends and relatives more often then print.

It’s easier to put it away, or leave the envelope unopened.

Accessibility, size and speed

Everyone online has an email programme and can receive the newsletter either in html or plain text.

Newsletters should be kept at a low file size, around 50 – 60k for speed and ease of download.

Online is instantaneous.  

Everyone has a mailbox, but not everyone has email

Print newsletters converted into Word or PDF files have disadvantages.

1) Normally an unacceptable large file size (annoy clients by the time it takes to download).
2) Clients may not open a newsletter if sent in word for fear of viruses plus the incompatibility issue of word 95 Vs. later issues. 
3) Although Acrobat is available for free at www.Adobe.com, it is still not widely held by the general population.

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