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Learn to mingle and expand your network
Done properly, networking can be very rewarding. It's an effective tool to grow your business, as well as an excellent method of building relationships in a large company.

How to make your online newsletters more productive
You can't beat the benefits of a well-done online newsletter. Done correctly, it can increase business turnover, increase customer loyalty, bring your website to your busy clients and prospects (rather than waiting for them to come to you), be used as a post if you blog and keep your name in front of your prospects.

To make your phone ring, put a value on your own time
Your phone is not ringing as much as before, companies are taking longer to reach a buying decision and referrals are slowing. Combine this with poor time management and what do you have? Disaster. So what can you do to maintain sales and income?

Many a trap between email and inbox
I had just written and was testing my latest online newsletter. Every test resulted in the same thing: Outlook sending my little masterpiece directly into my own junk mail folder.

Free internet tools to build your business
Feeling challenged finding new business and opportunities in this economic climate? I've got two ideas you might like.

Social network sites can be more than mere fluff
As a marketing columnist, my finger is supposed to be firmly pressed on the pulse of what is new on the internet. With so much happening in the arena of social networking, it's hard to make sense of it all. Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, MySpace, Flickr, Friend Feed, YouTube, Digg, Slideshare. Then there's blogs, podcasts, videos ...

Life lessons from a musical superstar
It was an epiphany. Those 15 minutes completely changed my business perspective. Let me take you back to to what I saw on TV at 10.30pm, Wednesday, November 21, and share how it can help you.

Better experience brings better profit
Like a snap of your fingers, you've seen the economic climate turn. Here's a way that you as a businessperson and consumer can mitigate the impact. Focus on the "customer experience".

Stay in touch to bring customers back again
Is it me being stupid or are the vast majority of small businesses just plain lazy (or worse, dumb) when it comes to marketing? For the big boys, are advertising agencies to blame as they need to keep their revenue stream flowing?

When Google seeks, make sure your website is what it discovers
The vast majority of websites are useless at finding new customers. It's not a question of money - it's the same for the largest corporations. Why? They're not designed with search engines in mind.

To be persuasive, make your pitch to the emotions
Want to know a secret to get people on your side? From selling a million-dollar IT contract to getting a new client. From interviewing potential employees to motivating staff. From speaking in front of an audience or simply around the dinner table, to trying to get your children to do what you desire.

How to make newsletters work for you
Quite frankly, most newsletters - print or online - are rubbish. A waste of money and time. They don't achieve the return on investment they should or could. Why? Because 999 out of 1000 are a mere reflection of the source organisation, with a gorilla-sized "me, me, me" mentality. For most, the title "newsletter" is a misnomer. They contain no news or items of real relevance.

Efficiency is only a keystroke away
Businesses lose astounding amounts of productivity when staff aren't trained to use software properly. If [people] knew the shortcut, the entire task would have been accomplished with one or two keystrokes. IF YOU think rising costs are putting pressure on business, you'd be scandalised by what's really going on behind closed doors.

Make the most of your email database
As a public speaker, I get to observe and sometimes help in marketing the events or conferences I'm involved in. Many are done well. But many are enough to make a savvy or cost-conscious individual weep.

iPhone - not just for the geeks
Okay, so the new iPhone is sold out. But if you want one, is it worth the money and all the hype?

Text is a tool, not just kids' stuff
When was the last time you adapted the way you communicate with clients? Have you thought of incorporating text messages into your repertoire?

Taskmaster does the thinking for you
You wouldn't think someone could write an 800-word article about a simple computer function, would you? I am because I'd like to extol the virtues of Tasks, as it's called by Microsoft. Otherwise known as To Do in Lotus Notes and similarly named in many other software products.

Good information the key to hitting the target
You have a short-term window of opportunity. It would benefit you and some of your clients. How easily could you get that opportunity to the right clients?

Fast-track career changes in a slowing economy
It's easy to moan and groan about the economy - more so if you're a glass-half-empty person. Instead, use this time as a great opportunity. A time to build. A time to refocus. A silver lining to your cloud.

All present and correct: four steps to delivering the perfect pitch
You can vastly improve your sales, marketing and business development success. Obviously, you're wondering: how? The answer is by asking yourself four vital questions before you touch a keyboard. Or write a word. Or open a blank PowerPoint presentation.

It's the little things that count and revenge is sweet
You have no business if you have no customers. And to customers it's often the little, inexpensive things that matter most.

Pleasing customers an investment, not an expense
If you operate in a competitive market, it can improve your bottom line to implement good, customer-focused processes and service.

Worth working to build goodwill
Are you or any of your colleagues a lifestyle entrepreneur? Those about whom so many hand-wringing articles have been written? Business owners who only grow their business to a level they are comfortable with so life can be a mixture of work, recreation and family?

Let your inbox secretary do the sorting for you
You know that one of the biggest pains for businesses and individuals is managing email. It consumes time. Creates stress. Much of it is unproductive. Considering that staff time is overhead, its inefficient use adds up to a big cost to business, large and small. So what a shame that almost no one uses one simple inbox function that can save at least $1770 per staff member a year (15 minutes x 235 working days a year = 59 hours x average wage $30 = $1770).

Strategies that win customers - without breaking the bank
Back in the late 90s, working as a marketing consultant, I would always hear the managing director of a risk insurance brokerage I was assisting tell his team "activity equals success".

Web 2.0 helps minnows take on the big guys
Are you using the internet to grow and protect your business? Let me explain through the story of Jimmy, a businessman in the small developing Central American country of Belize. He is snapping at the heels of and winning many customers from the world's largest cruise ship. The internet poses important opportunities and threats for you in 2009. This story highlights them.



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